Corghi Electronic Wheel Balancer EM7240DD

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Corghi Model EM7240DD Electronic Wheel Balancer with Microprocessor
For off-vehicle balancing of car, van and motorcycles. Version with automatic entry of wheel
diameter and distance.


The Corghi EM7240DD tire balancer offers electronic balancing with display for cars, lightweight transport vehicles and motor vehicles. Compact, simple and accurate. Perfect for all professionals. Automatic measuring of distance and diameter. The spin unit was originally used on superior models and provides precision and functionality characteristics typical of the higher range of wheel balancers.

Features highly luminous LED display with built-in keypad for intuitive use. “Shift Planes” programs for recalculating the position of the adhesive weights which allows 5g multiple weights to be used. 
Data acquisition with electronic sensor and positioning of adhesive weights at 3, 6 and 12 o’clock settable by the user. Thanks to the large empty space between body and flange, it is easy to reach the inside of the wheel for cleaning and fixing the counterweights.
Foot for balancing wheels weighing up to 50kg without having to fix the machine to the ground
QUICK CALIBRATION , intuitive sensitivity. The sample weight which is included is applied directly to the spin unit.

Standard accessories
  • Universal turntable unit with 3 cones
  • Pliers for application of the counterweights
  • Callipers for measuring wheel width
  • Threaded hub diameter 40 mm x 181
  • Rapid fixing ring nut
  • Sample weight
  • 4 flange holder sleeves to mount on the left of the machine
  • Ground fixing kit

Features and Specs

  • Dynamic balancing on both sides of the rim
  • 7 ALU programs (5 statistical ALUs + 2 ALU P)
  • Motorcycle dynamic
  • Motorcycle ALU
  • Static
  • OPT flash
  • Hidden Weight in ALU P
  • Split Weight in motorcycle programs
  • "Shift Planes" Program in ALU P
  • Display of the unbalance in grams or ounces
  • Automatic balancing with brake at the end of the electronic cycle
  • Balancing speed 90-130 rpm
  • Resolution 1 g (0.0353 oz)
  • Average cycle time 7 s
  • Shaft diameter 40 mm
  • Rim width setting range 1.5” to 20”
  • Rim diameter setting range 1” to 35”
  • Rim diameter measurable with the sensor 1” to 28”
  • Maximum wheel width (with guard) 600 mm (23.5”)
  • Maximum wheel diameter (with guard) 1117 mm (44”)
  • Maximum wheel/machine distance 275 mm (11”)
  • Maximum wheel weight
  • - with fixing to the ground 75 kg
  • - with supporting foot 50 kg
  • only for 220 V version
  • Supply voltage 100-115/200-230V 1ph
  • Maximum dimensions l x d x h (mm)
  • - without guard  1195 x 583 x 1052
  • - with guard   1299 x 1117 x 1549



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