Corghi Tire Changer A9220TI-1500

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Corghi A9220TI-1500 Passenger Tire Changer | PU1500 Power Assist Unit
Model A9220TI-1500 features a built-in table inflator with jets in the jaws and a unique mount/demount head that does not touch the rim during operation.



Corghi USA Wheel Service Equipment

There is good, and then there is the BEST. The finest tire changers in the world. That's not boasting - that's a fact!Corghi is the absolute top name in the tire changer / wheel balancer industry. They are one of the world's biggest producers of wheel service equipment, and they've been at it for over 50 years. Nobody has better quality, features or service.

Corghi A9220TI-1500 Passenger Tire Changer with PU1500 Power Assist Unit
This Corghi tire changer supplies maximum and outstanding performance at very competitive prices. State-of-the-art technology and high-quality mechanical components provide the reliability and user-friendliness that is the Corghi trademark. This tire changer with its simple, attractive design is easy to use and guarantees top performance, even in the most demanding applications

•  Built-in table inflator with jets in the jaws
•  Unique mount/demount head does not touch the rim during operation
•  Locking handle locks head away from the rim
•  Powerful action bead-breaker blade follows bead to inside rim contour
•  Heavy-duty turntable rotates in either direction
•  Rebuildable stainless steel cylinders
•  Heavy-duty stainless steel turntable
•  Safe, fast, profitable and affordable
  Upper arm assembly swings out-of-way
•  Tire pressure sensor style rims changes safely
•  Shipping weight 480 lbs.


PU1500 power assist unit
Pneumatic powered
• Wheel and bead pressing arm
• Bead lifter
• Maintains bead in drop center
Eliminates bead stress
• Eliminates wheel damage
One-person operation to change even the most difficult tires
• Rim clamping assist
• Tire pressure sensor style rims changes safely
• Shipping weight 680 lbs.

Features and Specs

Air Requirements:  150 Psi
Depth:  35"
Electrical Requirements:  110 Volt110v
Height:  73"
Maximum Rim Width:  12.5"
Maximum Tire Diameter:  42"
Rim Diameter Range:  10" - 24"10" To 24"10" - 20"
Type:  Rim Clamp
Weight:  680 Lbs795 Lbs


• 5 years on transmission

• 1 year on parts and labor

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