Dannmar D-12 Four Post Lift 12,000 lb. Capacity

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ALI Certified Automotive Lift

Dannmar D-12 Four Post Lift, 12,000 Lb. Capacity
With a hefty 12,000-pound capacity, this durable commercial grade lift is ready to take on all demanding tasks of a professional shop. Equipped with heavy duty, steel-braided, aircraft-quality cables - this lift has been over-engineered meticulously in order to transcend other competitive lifts on the market; creating a new standard of perfection in the industry. Dannmar D-12 Garage Lift is ALI and ETL Certified.

Plus! 3 Year Standard Warranty


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Dannmar car lifts are recognized for their dependability, quality, and value. Go ahead and compare their features to others on the market today--and, you will be impressed with their quality at such a competitive price. This four post lift is equipped with a single hydraulic cylinder under one runway. Cylinder is made as single-piece construction and machined steel piston. And, it features pressure loaded U-cup piston seals, backups, and wear bands to prevent hydraulic fluid leaks. Product's finish is durable powder-coated to protect from most abrasives, chemicals, and weather. The superior powder coating process allows for an extra long life, greater component durability, and adds a sleek, stylish black finish.

The Dannmar D-12 is equipped with a single hydraulic cylinder under the runway. The heavy-duty industrial-grade hydraulic cylinder features single-piece contruction, pilot-fitted, machined steel piston. It is enclosed in pressure loaded U-cup piston seals, backups, and wear bands to hault hydraulic fluid leaks.

The entire 4-Post Lift is coated in a durable powder-coated finish that provides protection from most abrasives, chemicals, and weather. This special powder-coating technique allows for extra-long lift life, increased component durability, and a sleek, stylish black finish.

Dannmar lifts are world-renowned for their dependability and quality, as well as their value. This lift is unlike anything we've done in the past - and you will notice this as you read down the lengthy list of design features we've engineered into every lift.

Industrial-Grade Power Unit
This power unit comes with a push-button air-lock release for releasing the safety locks, and a push-lever pneumatic release valve for descent, along with a push-button for lifting. This power unit is tough enough to handle up to 12,000-lbs. of lifting.

Tru™ Non-Skid Runway Grip
We use a special process of coating every one of our new line of lifts in a very unique slip-resistant finish, it is applied to the runways and the ramps. It makes even the greasiest of situations a real gripping experience.

Aircraft-Quality Heavy-Duty Steel Cables
Steel-braided wire, wrapped around a steel core: this is not your typical tire-swing rope. These heavy-duty cables are made to carry the weight of the entire lift, and the load it carries.

Over-Sized Heavy-Duty Steel Cable Sheaves
Built to outlast the lift itself, these sheaves help synchronize the cables so that the lift raises evenly on all four posts. Made of industrial-grade steel, we take pride in our promise of quality - you will find some competitors do not see things the same way.

Steel Slack Safety Lock Mechanism
An extra step in lift safety, the steel slack safety-lock mechanism is the third barrier of protection if failure should occur. These have been over-engineered to make the lift an impenetrably safe machine, and will prevent the load from ever coming down unexpectedly.

Cable Connector
This assembly attaches the cable to the top plate of the post - the anchor to the lift cables. With our new design, we have incorporated heavier gauge steel top plate and heavier gauge columns for rigid durability: even the cable itself has been re-engineered to handle the bold 12,000-lb capacity.

Heavy Duty Adjustable Steel Locking Ladder
This steel ladder is integrated into the columns with 12 locking positions spaced every 4". Crafted meticulously with heavy-gauged steel. Our new proprietary design aspects- the spacing and the width of the ladder - have greatly reduced stress on all angles.

Bolt-On Steel Tire Stops
With our upgraded design - you will notice the angle and the durability are ample for any tire-stop. Made with heavy-duty steel; so unlike others you see on the market, this tire stop will not fold under the harshest of conditions. Some may say we are over-doing it; but, we see that as a good thing.

Cylinder Assembly
The hydraulic cylinder ties the entire lift together. The welded cylinder body is made from robust steel tubing produced to exceed ASTM specifications. The steel cables are tensed as the cylinder fills - this creates the lifting motion that keeps your 12,000-lb. car up in the air.

Features and Specs


  • 12,000 pound lifting capacity
  • Electric/hydraulic power system
  • Single hydraulic cylinder mounted underneath runway
  • Internal “Anti-Sway” slider blocks in each column
  • Features heavy-duty 1/2” aircraft cable
  • Oversized self-lubricating cable rollers
  • Rugged 1-3/8” roller axles
  • Multi-position safety locks in each column
  • Ramps feature non-skid surface
  • Push-button safety release
  • Runways adjust for different tread widths
  • Optional drive-thru ramps available
  • Optional rolling jacks available


Lifting Capacity: 12,000 lbs.
Overall Width: 130”
Outside Length: 205”
Overall Length: 235”
Height of Columns: 88”
Min. Runway Height: 9”
Max Rise: 66”
Max. Lifting Height: 75”
Width Between Columns: 116”
Runway Width: 20” / 508 mm.
Width Between Runways: 43” - 51”
Length of Runways: 191”
Locking Positions: 12
Lock Spacing: Every 4”
Lifting Time: 60 Seconds
Standard Motor: 220 VAC / 60Hz. 1Ph



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