Dannmar D2-10A Asymmetric Two Post Car Lift

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ALI Certified Automotive Lift

Dannmar D2-10A Asymmetric Two Post Car Lift | 10,000-lb. Capacity
The D2-10A is an asymmetric clearfloor two-post lift that features a 10,000 lb. lifting capacity and accommodates full-size trucks, vans, and standard passenger cars. Single-piece column construction, tubular steel lifting carriage, and direct-drive hydraulic cylinders ensure the best possible performance and reliability. Rotated asymmetric columns allow vehicles to be loaded with doors clear of the columns for convenient entry and exit of vehicles. Color: BLUE. The D2-10A is ALI and ETL Certified


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10,000-lb. Capacity | Asymmetric Clearfloor | Two-Post Lift | Includes Stackable Pads and Adapters

Rugged Durability, High Performance, Extreme Versatility, Demanding Applications

The D2-10A is designed to tackle the toughest jobs in your garage or workshop and outperform and outlast almost every lift in its class. With a powerful 10,000 lb. lifting capacity, the D2-10A has been designed to accommodate full-size trucks and vans, standard passenger cars, and sport and performance vehicles.

Equipped with a self-contained electric-hydraulic power unit and twin direct-drive hydraulic cylinders, the D2-10A is extremely reliable and durable. Nested inside the unyielding welded-steel columns are solidly-built carriage assemblies that glide on maintenance-free UHMW bearings. Soft-cushioning column guides provide silent staging and shudder-free movement of the lifting carriage during both lifting and lowering.

Asymmetric columns and extended-length rear arms allow vehicles to be loaded with doors rear and clear of the columns for convenient entry and exit of the vehicle. This reduces the chance of door dings due to column interference. Easy-swing telescoping arms feature automatic arm restraints ensuring that vehicles stay put when being serviced, and tear-resistant urethane contact pads are augmented by an 8-piece set of stackable adapters of varying heights. An attractive and extremely durable powder coat finish combined with zinc-plated components means your lift will last and still look good many years to come.

Features and Specs


  • 10,000 lbs lifting capacity
  • Telescoping screw pads offer increased versatility
  • Added overhead safety shutoff bar
  • Tru-Metric™ arm design for versatile arm positions
  • 30° rotated single-piece columns
  • Single-point safety release
  • Drop-end arms provide a lower pad height
  • Dual hydraulic direct-drive cylinders
  • Oversized 53" tall carriage for superior strength
  • Electric/hydraulic power system
  • Automatic arm restraints
  • Heavy-duty 1/2” aircraft-quality equalizer cables
  • Oversized cable sheave reduces cable fatigue
  • 4-piece 63 mm stackable adapter set included
  • Triple-telescoping arm design
  • Versatile drop-in contact pads with stackable adapter pins


  • Style: Asymmetric
  • SKU: 5175313
  • Lifting Capacity: 10,000 lbs. (4,536 kg)
  • A - Lowered Height + Pad: 5" (127 mm)
  • B - Max. Lift Height (Top Lock): 78.5" (1,994 mm)
  • C - Max. Rise: 69" (1,753 mm)
  • D - Height Overall: 145" (3,683 mm)
  • E - Width Overall: 143.5" (3,645 mm)
  • F - Width Outside Columns: 137.25" (3,486 mm)
  • G - Width Inside Columns: 120.75" (3,067 mm)
  • H - Drive-Thru Clearance: 100" (2,540 mm)
  • I - Floor to Top Switch: 141" (3,581 mm)
  • J - Front Arm Reach: 29.25" (743 mm) - 43.75” (1,111 mm)
  • K - Rear Arm Reach: 40.25" (1,022 mm) - 58” (1,473 mm)
  • Max. Load per Arm: 2,500 lbs. (1,134 kg)
  • Time to Full Rise: 45 seconds
  • Noise: 45 dB
  • Motor: 220 VAC / 60 Hz / 1 Ph

* Special voltages available upon request

* Please note that these specifications are subject to change without notice. It is best to confirm these specifications with a sales representative at the time of purchase.

3 Year Limited Warranty

  • Three Years (36-Months) Warranty on the lift structure
  • One Year (12-Months) Warranty on the hydraulic cylinder(s) and power unit
  • One Year (12-Months) Warranty on operating components
  • One Year (12-Months) Warranty on electrical components (excluding power unit)
  • See Dannmar Two Post Four Post Lift Warranty (.pdf) for details


More Information

More Information

Dannmar D2-10A Asymmetric Two Post Lift Brochure (.pdf)

Dannmar D2-10 Series Two Post Lifts Manual (.pdf)

Dannmar Two Post Four Post Lift Warranty (.pdf)

Customer Pictures and Testimonials -

Dannmar D10CX Two Post Lift - Robert Bryner
"A big improvement over my previous lift. Thanks for your assistance with everything.  
The salesman was very knowledgeable and helpful in determining which lift was right for me.
Let me know if you want a better picture. Thanks again".                     
Bob Bryner 
Blakely, GA

 Dannmar D10-ACX 2 Post Lift - Jeff Vanburg
"Thank you for great service and a great D10ACX two post Lift!  Very happy with the product ! "
Jeff VanBurg
uburn, CA

 Dannmar D10-ACX Two Post Lift - Chad's Auto Repair
"Life Lessons Learned. You get what you pay for. We considered one of those "Economy" lifts
but decided to get a better quality ALI Certified lift. Boy, are we glad we did!
This (D10ACX) lift has met, or exceeded our expectations in every way".                

Chad's Auto Repair
Ville Platt, LA

 Dannmar Brigadier 10ACX above ground lift
"As requested, I am sending you photos of the installed Dannmar D-10ACX lift I recently purchased from
you at Automotive Service Equipment. I would also like to mention that I was very happy with my purchase
from you. The lift was delivered sooner than expected and everything was good and went together well.
Thanks for this great equipment".
Eric J. Rosenberger 
Slatington PA

 Dannmar Clear Floor Two Post Lift - Julius Evans
"Sending you a picture of the new car lift. Sorry garage isn't finished.
Thank you for the speeding shipping and ease of purchase with ASE Deals.  Have a great day"! 
Jay Evans
Lacy Springs, AL
Dannmar 2 Post Garage Lift - Greg Gaynor
"Thank you, ASE. I really like the lift so far and the install was pretty straightforward.  It took two of us
about seven hours from start to final checks.  I've attached a few photos as well.  Sure beats a floor jack
and jack stands.
Greg Gaynor 
Sparta, TN


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