Hein-Werner Air Shop Press HW93301

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HeinWerner Model HW93301 Air Shop Press
This 25 ton capacity auto shop press is perfect for the typical full service garage. It boasts premium quality components and engineering that you just won't find on those bargain brands.
Assembled in USA


Hein Werner Model HW93301 Air Shop Press
You may look at the price and wonder if it's worth the difference. Let's face it - there are so many cheap models out there. Once you see these features and quality of construction, you'll realize it's well worth it. This air press will last a long time and will hold up to heavy daily use - every single day. It won't let you down.

  • Prefect tool for bending, straightening and boding applications
  • Multiple position bed so you can modify working height swiftly and easily
  • Heavy gauge welded steel construction
  • Hand winch included for easy and speedy bed adjustments
  • Perfect for installing and removing Universal joints, gears, wrist pins, pulleys, and other common press jobs
  • Industrial grade chrome plated cylinder ram and hydraulic pump
  • 4" pressure gauge comes standard
  • Air pneumatic operation
  • Made in the USA

Features and Specs

Specifications: Model Hein-Werner HW93301

  • Frame Capacity: 25 Ton
  • Frame Type: H Style
  • Cylinder: H2506
  • Cylinder Type: Single Action
  • Cylinder Stroke:  6"
  • Ram Travel:  5"
  • Hose Size:  6 ft.
  • Design:  H
  • Base Length: 29-3/4" Base Width: 39"
  • Bed Height (In.)Adjustable:  8 Positions
  • Reservoir Capacity:  91.5 cubic inches
  • Pump:  PA1500
  • Pump Type:  Air
  • Total Height:  71"
  • Total Width:  42-3/4"
  • Working Height:  5.5" to 47.5"
  • Working Width:  30"
  • Overall Height:  71"
  • Weight: 560 Lbs.