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Two BendPak HD9 Lifts

"Here is a picture of our two BendPak HD9 Lifts. Thank you again."

This customer has purchased several auto lifts from us over the years and was kind enough to share some pictures with us. When you have more cars than garage floor space, you need a low cost solution that is quick and easy. Getting a BendPak HD-9 Series lift is the best choice because of the variety of options, safety features, and the relative affordability. Optional accessories include drip trays to protect the bottom car from getting the occasional oil drip on it, caster kit to turn your hoist intro a portable piece of equipment, and a jack plate to allow you to raise the car by the frame while it is on the lift, so you can get at the wheels for service. Then, there are the less traditional accessories and options like the aluminum deck option, so you can store non-traditional pieces of equipment up top, like snow mobiles, ATV's or lawn tractors.

Michael Menation
West Hartford, CT


Shopper Award