Mig Welders, Tig Welders & Arc Welders

Types & Features of Mig, Tig & Arc Welders and Plasma Cutters

Mig welders, plasma cutters and other welding equipment have become some of the most popular items in the world of automotive service equipment. When you see how easy it is to create high-quality welds and clean cuts with these impressive tools, their popularity makes perfect sense. This automotive service equipment is affordable, and with the advancements in technology, mig welders, plasma cutters, and other welders are easier to use than ever before. ASE Deals offers a wide variety of welding equipment at affordable prices to make every repair as convenient and cost-effective as possible.

Types Of Welders: Mig Welders, Tig Welders & Arc Welders

A number of different welders are available to make it easy and convenient to weld almost anything like an expert. The type you choose, however, will depend on the material you intend to weld, as well as your skill level.

Arc Welders

One of the first improvisations on the torch, arc welders are a basic level of automotive service equipment that are also one of the easiest to use. Called stick welding, arc welders use electric arcs and an electrode to weld thick materials together quickly.

Mig Welders

A short time later, the concept of using wire feed instead of an electrode came about and mig welders were created. Because mig welders use a lower heat, they have very little metal distortion. Therefore, you are able to weld thinner materials such as sheet metal, which is why this automotive service equipment is popular for auto body work.

To feed a constant stream of wire to the weld location, you simply pull the trigger on the mig welder's gun. However, you still need to choose the right supplies according to the material you're working with. If you're working on stainless steel or aluminum, for example, argon and CO2 is the best choice.

Wire is another variable all together. If you're dealing with thicker metal that doesn't require a clean, smooth weld, the flux core wire is the best choice because it's quick and easy to use. For all other jobs, however, solid wire and gas are the best choice. One word of caution: when working with aluminum welding wire, use a Teflon liner with the wire feed to keep it from getting stuck in the weld line.

With mig welders, you have to choose wire in the appropriate diameter as well as the proper tip. Even then, don't be afraid to practice with this automotive service equipment on scrap metal before moving to the final piece, particularly if you're working on difficult metal such as aluminum. It also helps if you keep an eye on the gauges attached directly to the mig welders as well as the flow meters on the supply lines, and adjust them as needed.

Mig welders are, without a doubt, the most popular type of automotive service equipment. This is mostly due to the fact that they are extremely easy to work with, quick to use, and are one of the most affordable automotive service equipment items on the market.

Tig Welders

Tig welders, or Tungsten Inert Gas, are automotive service equipment that use tungsten electrodes to heat the metal until the two pieces fuse together instead of adding a melted metal or a consumable electrode to join them together. In fact, filler metals are only used with this automotive service equipment in rare instances. The only materials these machines do use are argon and other gas mixtures in order to create the shielding

When comparing mig welders to tig welders, you'll find that mig welders are much faster at creating quality welds. Tig welders require more practice and experience to work well in addition to costing more and requiring more time per weld. However, this automotive service equipment is far more precise and ideal when doing custom work that requires a high level of accuracy and perfection. You'll also find that tig welders carry far less risk of damaging the weld or causing cracking. The result is a weld that is better than the best mig welds.

Plasma Cutters

Plasma cutters create precise, even cuts that are far more superior to the cutting torches of yesteryear. Using an electric arc along with air or gas, plasma cutters use high pressure and wire speed together with a low heat for the best cut. Newer plasma cutters use an inverter rather than a transformer to make the unit itself run cooler while allowing the machine itself to be smaller, lighter, and easier to handle.

When purchasing plasma cutters, duty cycle should be one of the main features you consider. This is the determining factor when it comes to how long plasma cutters can cut before allowing the automotive service equipment to cool off. As a general rule, however, the larger plasma cutters can cut thicker materials and for a longer period of time before having to shut them down.

One of the ways you can tell how thick of a material you'll be able to cut with plasma cutters is by looking at the machine's automotive service equipment ratings, which are determined by the manufacturer. These ratings are based on how long a particular type of plasma cutters can cut through mild steel. Therefore, if you'll be cutting tempered steel, remember that the time you will have to cut will be far less. Aluminum, on the other hand, takes far less effort, and therefore less of the machine's resources.

Features of Each Type of Welders:

Mig, Tig & Arc

Arc Welders

Arc welders like those from Lincoln Electric automotive service equipment are loaded full of features. You'll get unlimited control over the amperage so that you can easily create professional welds. They're light and easy to move making them far more portable than their competition, yet they are still sturdy enough to stand up to a beating. Lincoln Electric arc welders also have a roll bar design and thermostatic heat protection to give the unit added protection.

Mig Welders

Mig welders from Lincoln automotive service equipment offer superior quality without the superior cost. Ranging in size from small portable models that run on an 115V, 20 amp outlet to industrial automotive service equipment, Lincoln mig welders provide you with a full range of settings to give you full control over weld quality. The gun stays cold until the trigger is pressed, and they carry a 90-day warranty on both the gun and cable as well as a full year warranty on the mig welders themselves.

Tig Welders

ThermalArc automotive service equipment creates some of the best tig welders on the planet, and they're loaded with features. A push button control panel makes it easy to control the machine while specialized TIG modes let you control the start, weld crater as well as repeatable weld cycles. True square wave AC output and the pulse mode mean you can easily customize the weld shape and bead. You'll also be impressed with the number of additional safety features including voltage protection and warning code circuitry.

Plasma Cutters

Lincoln Electric is well known for its first-class plasma cutters and automotive service equipment. Models featuring single-dial control, air pressure regulators, and pressure gauges make these plasma cutters easy to use so you get precise, clean cuts every time. Line voltage compensation, Parts-In-Place indicators, and thermostatic protection protect the user and the plasma cutters from damage. Additionally, with a CNC Robotic interface, even the most difficult cuts are a breeze.

Be sure to check out ASE Deals' expansive selection of arc, tig, and mig welders as well as our plasma cutters. Or, request a free automotive service equipment catalog. You'll be amazed at the variety and are sure to find the perfect machine that meets your needs and your budget at the same time.