JohnDow Electric Meter Gun Preset JD-K500

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JohnDow Model JD-K500 Electric Meter Oil Gun Preset. Designed for dispensing a variety of hydrocarbon based fluids, including automatic transmission fluid, oil, gear oil and many other fluids.


JohnDow JD-3900 Electric Meter Gun PresetJohnDow. Lightweight and accurate are two great words to describe this reliable fluid gun. JohnDow knows how to manufacture reliable tools and equipment, and this tool is a vital piece of shop equipment. When servicing automobiles, you'll want to transfer accurate amounts of fluid. And because it's made by JohnDow, you know it was made for professional use.

  • Manufactured to dispensea variety of different oils, including gear oil, ATF, motor oils and otherhydrocarbon based fluids.
  • Programmable from metric liters, and US pints, quarts and gallons
  • LCD display screen is easy to see.
  • Preset quantity measurements can be altered to 5 different settings.
  • Discharge wand spout is able to be altered to five different angles.
  • Tip can rotate 90°.
  • Includes durable spout with automatic tip