JohnDow Fluid Dispenser Air-Operated 5-Gallon JDI-5DP

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JohnDow Model JDI-5DP 5-Gallon Air Operated Fluid Dispenser
Competely portable unit, air pressurized and perfect for any hydrocarbon based oils, including ATF, synthetic oils, gear oil and other fluids


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JohnDow JDI-5DP 5 gallon oil and fluid dispenser

      Auto shop owners looking for a durable steel storage container to transport and dispense auto shop fluids would be wise to get this unit. It is made for the itelligent garage owner who knows quality and value. And don't forget about the features. This thing is packed with features. The 5 gallons of capacity is perfect size for most situations. Not to big so as to make it difficult to roll around your shop, but not too small so that you're constantly refilling it. It has easy to roll casters so it will glide smoothly across the floor. The handy sight tube means you'll always know how much oil you have remianing. No need for clumsy hand cranks or roto pumps. This thing is powered by shop air. The unit has 6 feet of hose and a dispensing gun, but for the most accurate use, we recommend getting our optional electric meter fluid dispenser gun. It has 7 inch wheels so you can roll it around your shop to where you need it.

Features and Specs

Features & Specifications -

Unit holds 5 gallons of fluid and includes 3" heavy-duty casters

  • Air pressured dispensers eliminate the need for an air pump or hand pump
  • Great for synthetic oils, ATF, gear oils and other fluids
  • Completely portable units operate inside or outside of service bays and includes a 6' hose and dispensing gun
  • Can be used with meter gun for accurate measurement
  • 5-gallon capacity steel tank
  • 2" spout with cap for easy filling
  • Air regulator and safety relief valve ensure proper pressurization
  • 7" wheels for easy handling
  • sight tube to show fluid level