JohnDow Fluid Evacuator | Oil Drain 20 Gallon JDI-20COMBO-B

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JohnDow Model JDI-20COMBO-B
20 Gallon Fluid / Oil Evacuator | Oil Drain
This is Two Oil Drains in One 
THis is the exact same unit as the JDI-20Combo, except that it also includes the transparent bowl as well


JohnDow Model JDI-20COMBO-B

  • Oil drain includes the transparent bowl
  • Same unit with all the same great feaures and specs. as JDI-20COMBO
  • wheels for easy tolling across shop floor.
  • Height Adjusts from 50" to 70"
  • Weighs 72lbs


JohnDow Model JDI-20COMBO Oil drain tank

This well made oil drain has all the features you could possibly need. It features a rugged 20 gallon steel tank for storage with an evacuating hose that is 10 feet long for when you need to drain the waste oil out of it into another bulk storage container. The handy 6" fixeed wheels along with 2 1/2" caster wheels allow it to roll easily across your auto shop floor and stabilizes it to allow for easy manuevering without the fear of it tipping over. The sight glass tube allows user to confirm fluid level quickly and easily. One of the beast features this model boasts is the numerous suction probes with different sizes to fit most common automobiles. They are stored in a handy storage tube. Most comparable models on the market today feature a plastic funnel, but not JohnDow. This model offers a rugged steel funnel that will stand up much better over time. Plus, the funnel has a  mesh screen that will keep dirt, debris, and the occsional drain pan lug from dropping down the tube into the storage tank. You can easily adjust the funnel height with an ajustable locking mechanism which keeps it from creeping down over time. The handle is chrome so go ahead and position this unit easily without fear of dirt, grease or corrision getting to it. The oil discharge / evacuation hose has it's own separate shut off valve to prevent spills that may be caused by accident.

Features and Specs


  • Model includes a transparent bowl
  • Same features as the JDI-20COMBO
  • This unit casters and fixed wheels for easy mauevering
  • Height Adjusts from 50" to 70"
  • Weight 72lbs.


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