JohnDow Pro 30-Gallon Gas Caddy FC-P30-UL

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JohnDow Model FC-P30 Pro 30-Gallon Gas Caddy UL Listed
These professional series of fuel caddies are one of only a very select few that are UL listed. OSHA requires gas caddies to be UL listed these days. If your's isn't, you risk potential liability if something catastophic happens. This unit is designed for professional mechanics and auto shops. Cart is easy to roll around the garage and out to the lot.
Most importantly, it complies with OSHA requirements.


JohnDow Fuel Chief model FC-P30 Gas Caddy

Anyone can sell you an inferior quality gas caddy at a cheap price.There's a lot of them out there. That's not what we're about. We searched long and hard before deciding on the JohnDow Industries line of gas caddies. JohnDow Industries has an impeccable reputation for manufacturing only premium quality products. Only the finest components go into these caddys. These truly are top-of-the-line machines, made for serious professional use.You'll have peace of mind when you buy a JohnDow Industries gas caddy through us. You can be confident that you're getting the absolute finest product on the market, and confident that you're getting them at great, low prices.- Plus you'll get factory support with a 1 year warranty.

For use with most any fuel - Gasoline • Diesel • Bio-Diesel • Transmission Fluid • Kerosene

  • Sturdy steel tank holds 30 gallons30-gallon
  • UL-Listed, and complies with OSHA requirements
  • Fluid Fill level gauge
  • Filter system is internal
  • Unit has a 4 direction valve
  • Heavy duty front swiveling casters and rear wheels all lock for safety purposes.  
  • For ultimate safety to prevent spark / ignition potential, includes ground wire with clamp
  • 8 foot PVC discharge / suction hose with it's own internal ground wire
  • Decal kit for contents to aid in identification
  • UL-Listed rotary pump made of rugged cast iron
  • 4 way directional valve to allow operator to control flow direction
  • Integrated filter system can filter fluids pumped into and out of the container.
  • Handles Unleaded, kerosene, ethanol E85, diesel, and bio-diesel fuels

Plus you'll get factory support with a 1 year manufacturers warranty