JohnDow Used Oil Storage AGS-180D

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Here's a piece of equipment you should not skimp on: Bulk used oil storage tanks.
There's a lot of them out there. But we decided to carry the
JohnDow Industries line of used oil storage tanks.
They feature double wall construction and offer the ultimate strength and reliability.


JohnDow Industries has an impeccable reputation for manufacturing only premium quality products. Only the finest components go into
these bulk oil storage containers.. These truly are top-of-the-line tanks, made for
serious professional use.

Just check out these top quality features -
  • Double wall construction
  • UL listed
  • Air supply connection hose with quick coupler
  • Automatic air shut-off to prevent overfilling
  • Locking security / environmental cover
Durabl;e steel construction is just one of many features that make this more than just an glorified steel drum. Any auto shop or fleet service garage that wants to comply with OSHA and DEP standards needs a tank with these features.
You'll have peace of mind when you buy a JohnDow Industries used oil storage tank through us.
You can be confident that you're getting the absolute finest product on the market, and confident that you're getting them at great, low prices.

Features and Specs

Comes with Double-Wall Construction Workbench or Vertical-Style Design and 1-Year Limited Warranty.



  • UL-listed, double-wall tank in 180- to 500-gallon capacity.
  • UL-listed, 1" air-operated diaphragm pump with 30 gpm capacity.
  • Double-wall construction provides 110% secondary containment.
  • Automatic air shut-off prevents overfilling.*
  • Locking security/environmental cover.*
  • High-gloss enamel paint finish.
  • 3/4" x 10' suction hose with quick-disconnect coupler.
  • Quick-connect adapter kit to used oil drain.
  • Manual-operated air inlet shut-off valve.
  • Air filter/regulator.
  • Air supply connection hose with quick-coupler.*
  • 2" drop tube with camlock fitting and dust cover.

* Extra on some competitive models.
* Standard feature on JohnDow used oil storage systems.





180 Gallons

Dimensions (L x W x H)

60" x 28" x 41"


725 lbs.