KleenTec Carburetor Cleaner Optional Drum K7197

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CleanMaster Optional Drum For use with CleanMaster IC Carburetor Cleaner.
Free shipping when ships with Cleaner. Please call us for pricing if it ships separately.


If you purchase the KleenTec carburetor cleaning unit, you'll need a 16 gallon steel drum. Any 16 gallon drum will do, but it must be of standard dimensions for a 16 gallon model. It is also vital that it has an open top. It is also a good idea to make sure that your drum is structurally sound, as you don't want leaks. Leaking detergents or cleaning agents all over your garage floor can lead not only to headaches, but to fines as well. Please note - Does not include detergent. Detergent is sold separately. price when purchased with cleaner - Please call for price when purchased separately..



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