KleenTec Parts Washer Solvent CleanMaster 200

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CleanMaster 200 - 30 Gallon Parts Washer with Soak Tank Designed for use in small engine repair and machine shops, service stations, industry, transmission and engine overhaul shops, and agricultural markets.
Made in USA
These are made to order at the factory. There is currently a 3 week lead time for this product.


This parts washer comes with fusible link that closes cover automatically in case of fire and has an unobstructed drain valve for easy clean-out. It also features filtration and a hermetically sealed, thermally protected 115v AC motor.

Filtration - Keeps the solution clean. First, a barrier filter removes heavy sludge before the pump intake. Then, you can add a cartridge filter. Try to find a parts washer that keeps the solution cleaner! And the less frequently you need to change out your detergent, the more money you save both on new detergent, and disposal fees.

Fire stop cover -  Has fusible link that automatically closes in case of fire.

Rugged construction throughout - No flimsy gauge steel sheet metal here. We're talking 14 and 16 gauge reinforced throughout unit. Ensures your part washer will far outlast all those inferior models out there.

Powder coated finish - Not just painted. Will stand up where others will scratch and chip. Exposed edges are rolled for safety and strength. Corners are welded and smooth finished.

Continuous circulation - Through stay-put hose with adjustable flow control. Easy clean-out - New design provides unobstructed tank bottom and large drain with exterior valve.


Features and Specs


  • Durable, baked on powder coated epoxy finish
  • Heavy-duty metal stand and shelf
  • Spring loaded door closure with 165˚F fusible link
  • Removable inside cabinet shelf
  • Stay-Put” flexible metal hose directs and holds power rinse where you want it
  • Screened sludge filter pad
  • Built-in drain with plug
  • Optional metal parts basket available - P# 50542-3 - $34
  • For use with petroleum solvents with a flash point over 107˚F
  • Not to be used with chlorinated solvents
  • 200 lbs. Load Capacity


Lid open height: 60”
Lid closed height: 35-3/8”
Overall width (F to B): 24-1/2”
Overall length (L to R): 35-3/4”
Soaking depth: 8-1/2”
Working depth with shelf: 7”
Inside width (F to B): 23-1/2”
Inside length (L to R): 35”
Voltage: 115VAC/60HZ/1PH
Amps: A
Shipping weight: 131 lbs.