MotorVac Fuel System Detergent MV5

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MotorVac Detergent for Fuel System Cleaner CarbonClean 1000 / MNSC1000.
Price when purchased with machine. Please contact us for pricing when detergent is sold separately from machine.


For use with the Motorvac CarbonClean Fuel system cleaners. Cleans the entire engine fuel system including  fuel injectors, combustion chamber, intakes, etc.. Even out to the catalytic converter even. Removes deposits and gum from system. Filter removes all these contaminants, particulates and deposits and holds them in it's very capable 10 micron filter. You could use other detergents, but none will work as effectively, and may cost you more because you'll probably need to use more to perform an equivalent cleaning job. Case of 6-17oz cans. Price is when purchasing with machine.

Features and Specs

The Tune-Up for the 21st Century
CarbonClean MV-5 was developed to provide technicians with our powerful CarbonClean chemistry in an easy to use, pre-mixed package. Introduced to the system through the fuel rail, MV-5 offers a host of benefits over the competition:

  • Maximum allowable detergent package cleans carbon, gum, and varnish off injectors and valves
  • Proprietary "Steam Cleaning" formulation breaks down carbon deposits in the intake and combustion chamber
  • Exclusive Hydrobond Technology eliminates water and improves fuel atomization for more efficient combustion
  • Where competitors’ products send carbon deposits downstream, our unique aliphatic chemistry effectively burns off carbon, preventing problems associated with O2 sensors and catalytic converters
  • MV-5 works exclusively with our CarbonClean 1000 system (500-0220)


More Information

More Information
more Why Clean the Fuel System and Combustion Chamber?
  • Fuel injectors, intake valves and combustion chambers are adversely affected by the build up of un-burnt fuel and contaminants
  • These can affect the drivability and fuel economy of your customer’s vehicle
The MotorVac Solution
  • Super concentrated detergent package rapidly cleans fuel system including injectors and intake valves
  • Exclusive Hydrobond Technology uses proprietary chemistry to "steam clean" combustion chamber deposits
  • This clean burn technology revitalizes performance and restores fuel economy
  • Works exclusively with our CarbonClean 1000 machine (500-0220) to provide the tune-up for the 21st century!

MotorVac Fuel System Detergent MV5 MV6 Brochure (.pdf)