Omega Extra Wide Truck Ramps 20 Ton 93201

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Omega Model 93201 Extra Wide Truck Ramps

20 Ton |  Extremely durable | Sold and to be used only in pairs

Ships by freight truck.  A $40.00 freight fee will be added if shipping to a residence.


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Omega 20 Ton Extra Wide Truck Ramps - Item 93201
Exctra wide means you can get wider wheels onto them. It also means a more stable base. One look at the construction of these extremely durable and well built ramps, and you can see that these are designed to the most strict construction and are well made. Anybody can just throw a piece of steel together to make a ramp. This is so much more. The construction will withstand so much more. The attention to detail is undeniable. Look at the handles. Look at the wheels. Look at the diamond plate. Look at the framework. look at the durable finish. Those cheap ramps won't hold up to half the test that these will. And because they are manufactured by Omega, you know they'll hold up to daily commercial use.

  • Steel wheels allow you to roll them around easily. Will save your back.
  • Specifically designed for driving large, heavy trucks with extra wide wheels onto them for service and repair work.
  • Long T handle and heavy duty steel wheels allows you to easily and quickly transport them long distances without having to lift them
  • Sold and to be used only in sets of 2
  • The wider footprint increases stability also

Features and Specs

Specifications Omega Extra Wide Truck Ramps 93201

Frame Size:  45-5/8" x 18-1/4" x 9-1/4"

Handle Length: 33-1/2"

Maximum Tire Width: 15-1/2"

Weight (Pair): 338 lbs.