Omega Floor Jack Low Profile 29023B

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Omega 29023B 2 Ton Low Profile Floor Jack
This is the ultimate floor jack for low profile cars. Perfect for low-riders and sports cars with low clearance issues. Not only does it have a low profile saddle, but it is unique in that stays at that low profile height all along the frame all the way back to more than 2/3rds of the frame length of the jack. And the frame is extra long. This automotive jack has more reach than virtually any service jack we've ever seen. You will be able to get under car chassis that you couldn't dream about before.
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Do you have a low rider car, or maybe a sports car? If so, you've probably had issues trying to get a floor jack that is low enough to get under your car frame. Maybe you found a hydraulic jack that does have a low enough saddle, but you can't get the saddle to the jacking contact points on the automobile frame because the jack frame hits the vehicle frame before you can get the saddle back to the jacking spot. If you fall into this category, then consider your search over. This is the one low profile jack on the market that can handle virtually anything you can throw at it. You'll be able to gat at those hard to reach jacking points like never before. The saddle is a low 2.5" high, and the frame maintains that lowered height for a majority of the jack's length. Plus, it has Omega's popular Magic Lift lifting system. This is the one you've been waiting for.

Features and Specs


  • Extra long low side frames designed for long reach under the car chassis
  • Innovative design of Magic Lift offers a quick lift for professional performance
  • Wide stance and low center of gravity provides optimum stability under load stress
  • Universal joint release mechanism provides precision control of load descent in any handle position
  • Exclusive designed breather plug eliminates air in the hydraulic system, optimizing jack performance



Capacity - 2 tons
Minimum Ht. - 2.5"
Maximum Height - 20"
Handle Length - 52"
Saddle Diameter - 4 -7/8"
Frame Width - 13.75"
Frame Length - 42.25"
Weight - 123 lbs.

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