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Outfit your garage with an approved exhaust ventilation system, suitable for extracting harmful automotive gasses and fumes. It's smart and it may help protect your auto repair business from liability.
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    MAHLE Dual Exhaust Adapter Kit for EV-1

    Dual Exhaust Kit | Part# 335 80001 00 for use with MAHLE Exhaust Ventilation System EV-1  Shipping Free when purchased with EV-1. Call for pricing when shipped separately ...



  • John Dow Exhaust Ventilation System

    JohnDow Exhaust Ventilation System EV-5100

    EuroVent Portable Exhaust Extraction System  This system is simple to use and is an affordable way to remove harmful contaminants from your garage when you have to work with the engine ...



  • Mahle EV-1 Exhaust Ventilation System

    MAHLE Exhaust Ventilation System EV-1

    MAHLE Model EV-1 Automotive Exhaust Ventilation System Adds safety and professionalism to any auto shop. Keep your garage free of harmful exhaust fumes and prevent lawsuits and fines as well. Made ...




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Don't breath in harmful exhaust fumes! RTI offers an effective and affordable way to vent those nasty fumes out of your auto shop. There's no need to pay for one of those expensive permanent mounted exhaust ventilation systems. Our garage exhaust ventilation fan gets the job done at a much lower price and has all the great features you want.


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