Every auto shop needs a vise. It's probably the most under appreciated piece of equipment in your garage. But if you didn't have it, you'd be lost without it. You probably use it more often that you realize. Lose it, and it would be like losing your right arm. It's that vital to the every day functioning in your auto shop. So you shouldn't skimp when it comes to such an important automotive tool. If your down because your vise is broken, you'll start to improvise. Improvising creates several problems - someone could get hurt, you could break something, and it cuts down on your productivity.  Don't buy a cheap, no-name brand bench vise just because you're thinking, "a vise is a vise". Not true. Get one with premium forged construction with jaws and clamps that will last and that will turn smoothly. And you always get the best prices along with free shipping here at ASEdeals.

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  • Vise 3941 AFF

    AFF Vise 3941

    AFF Vise Model 3941 5" Bench Vise with swivel base



  • AFF Vise Model 3942

    AFF Vise 3942

    AFF Vise Model 3942 Swivel Bench Vise | 6" Maximum Opening



  • Vise Model 3944 AFF

    AFF Vise 3944

    AFF Model 3944 Multi-Purpose Vise Swivel Bench Vise | 5-1/4" Maximum Opening



  • Vise Model 3947 AFF

    AFF Vise 3947

    AFF Model 3947 Heavy Duty Vise Swivel Bench Vise | 5-1/4" Maximum Opening



  • Vise Model 3948 AFF

    AFF Vise 3948

    AFF Model 3948 Heavy Duty Vise Swivel Bench Vise | 6" Maximum Opening



  • AFF 3943 Bench Vise

    AFF Vise 3943

    AFF Vise Model 3943 Swivel Bench Vise | 8" Maximum Opening




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We carry a large variety of automotive industry vises.The versatile garage tool will provide the stability you'll need no matter the material you're working on. We carry a wide variety of industrial vises perfect for holding metal in place for cutting or modifications; whatever the job, big or small, we've got the vise. Don't settle for an inferior product made for home / hobbyist use. Get a professional, heavy duty vise made for a true commercial auto shop or garage.


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