Ranger GoCart Dollies RCD-1500

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RCD-1500 Hydraulic Car Dolly and Wheel Lift
Ranger GoCart vehicle positioning jacks allow a single person to easily move trucks, autos, trailers, boats, tractors, lawn mowers, jet skis, motorcycles, air craft, and almost any other wheeled and recreational vehicles.


Car dollies and mobile jacks

Ranger really knows what people want. You may have seen similar products out there on the market. They may look similar, but once you see them up close, and especially once you use them, you'll understand the difference. It starts with the reputation of Ranger. Known world-wide as a leader in the garage equipment industry, auto shop owners know they can count on Ranger for quality equipment. The quality continues with the commercial quality components. Ranger takes no short-cuts. Listen, we tried carrying a different "economy" brand of this type of wheel dolly. We quickly realized that it was not worth the trouble. These auto carts were made to last.

These car dollies are Sold in sets of two. We call them the wheels for your wheels. Ranger Products GoCart car dollies and autocarts are made for moving your vehicle painlessly for you and your staff.

Help save on valuable floor space by effortlessly rolling your automobile against a wall or negotiate it into a tight space or corner with the aid of these GoCart car dollies. They provide precision and positioning power without needing to even turn on the car or truck. Perfect for moving cars and trucks that are disabled of up to 6,000 lbs. when you get a complete set of 4 GoCarts. The GoCart vehicle positioning jacks allow a single, able bodied person to effortlessly move all types of vehicle. Not just cars and trucks, but all kinds of vehicles, such as trailers, motorcycles, lawn mowers and lawn tractors, jet skis, airplanes, ATV's or any wheeled and recreational vehicles with ease. Note: Operators may need assistance stoppingautomobiles once they have started rolling on the GoCarts.

Another handy accessory is now available - The GoCart automotive wheel dolly stow and tow cart for convenient mobility and storage.

Operating procedures for the GoCart mobile car and truck dolly are as simple as can be. Just extend the telescoping GoCart frame to its maximum width. Then just roll the GoCart under vehicle so the aluminum rollers "hug" the tire. Twist close the valve and repeatedly step on the foot pump. The GoCart rollers will smoothly and quickly engage the tires and raise up that quarter of the auto. Once you reach the desired height, just secure the pump mechanism into place and insert a pin into the GoCart's elevation locking positions. Do this for each wheel and you'll soon see for yourself GoCart's smooth rolling experience in no time.

These heavy duty car dolly carts include a fast action hydraulic foot pump to lift cars and light trucks in mere seconds to provide instant mobility in all directions. A multiple position locking pin will secure the load after the auto is raised to the desired height. Non-skid brushed aluminum rollers are reinforced to ensure a stable and sound tire support and keeps a low center of gravity making them stable and safe when rolling around.

Each GoCart car dolly features a large two inch tubular steel telescoping main frame and 1-1/2” x ½” solid steel caster bars for extreme durability and strength. Precise multi-directional free swiveling casters allow for effortless roilling and direction changes. Fiber filled phenolic caster wheels won't marr your shop floor to help protect delicate flooring surfaces They are resistant to corrosion from oil, water, grease and commonly used acids or solvents. Lightweight GoCarts retract and stow for compact storage and can be loaded into the trunk of a car or on a tow truck for easy transport.

Features and Specs


  • Heavy-duty steel construction
  • Available in sets of two or four
  • Durable powder coat finish
  • Flat free polymer wheels for easy rolling
  • Non-skid polymer rollers resists load slippage
  • Expandable frame accommodates variable tire sizes
  • Move heavy loads with confidence and ease 


  • Load rating each: 1,500 lbs. / 680 kg.
  • Load rating set of four: 6,000 lbs. / 680 kg.
  • Lifting mechanism: hydraulic foot pump
  • Tire width capacity: 12” / 305 mm.
  • Wheel size capacity: 8" to 24"
  • Tire diameter capacity: 15” – 28” • Casters/frame height: 6” / 152 mm.
  • Casters diameter: 4" / 102 mm. • Stowed dimensions: 21” x 24” / 533mm. x 610 mm.
  • Measurement from end of caster to handle: 18” / 457 mm.
  • Unit weight: 42 lbs.
  • Mobile storage rack: optional


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