Ranger RML-1500XL Deluxe Motorcycle Lift Platform

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Ranger RML-1500XL Motorcycle Lift Platform w/Front Wheel Vise
Deluxe Extended | SKU 5150605

The RML-1500XL motorcycle lift offers an incredible 1,500-lb. lift capacity. It boasts exceptionally large platform to handle virtually any motorcycle or ATV in its weight class.


A Higher Capacity, Super-Stretch Motorcycle Lift

With its wide, stable stance, stretched tabletop and super‐tall lifting height, the RML‐1500XL motorcycle and ATV lift greets you like the badass it is - rugged and tough with the muscle to prove it. We use rugged 12-gauge metal with superior welds and a durable powder‐coat finish. Nope, wimpy is not on our list of features.

There are copycats everywhere, but just because it looks like a Ranger doesn't mean it works like a Ranger or lasts as long as a Ranger. Never trust a wannabe.

Large Platform to Handle Virtually Any Motorcycle or ATV

If you're looking for lifting capacity and capability, this motorcycle lift delivers. A long list of features includes an extended work platform, 12‐gauge steel construction, built‐in retractable swivel casters, reversible bolt‐on side decks, a cheater ramp, automatic safety locks, support poles, removable tool and parts tray and a single hydraulic lifting cylinder and retracting rear wheel deck. A secondary drop‐in deck features rollers that makes easy work out of wheel rotations and turn your motorcycle lift platform into a motoring test simulator.

Our reputation is one of not only legendary products, but legendary technical support. We're obsessed with making sure that you are a BendPak / Ranger fan for life, so we give you the very best after-sale support in the world. It's both our pleasure and our specialty. The moment you purchase a product from BendPak / Ranger, you became part of a family of folks who have a passion for automobiles and service equipment, just like you. We're just happy to take care of our own and committed to making it as easy as possible to solve your equipment issues. That being said, this motorcycle lift is made to last without issues down the road. With BendPak's award‐winning Certified Service™ program, it's step 1 and you're done.

Features and Specs


  • A combination of power, solid construction, and user-friendly features makes the Ranger RML-1500XL the best motorcycle lift money can buy.
  • With little effort, you can easily position, secure and raise motorcycles, bobbers, stretched choppers, trikes and other wheeled and recreational vehicles with ease.
  • Features 12-gauge welded-steel construction, a non-skid diamond-plate platform surface and full travel automatic safety locks that allow various working heights.
  • Side decks can be easily removed to provide a more compact work area for closer access to bikes when performing maintenance work or cleaning detail.
  • A humongous 1,​​500-lb. lifting capacity handles just about anything that rolls.
  • Safe and reliable means it’s been lifecycle tested beyond industry standards.
  • Retractable, built-in, full-swivel casters provide stow-and-go capability even when loaded.
  • Precision ball bearings improve rollability and are maintenance free.
  • A gentle slope, textured diamond-plate approach ramps, and a secondary cheater ramp means even ground huggers can be loaded effortlessly.
  • The RML-1500XL gets its power from a potent commercial-grade hydraulic power system that produces big lifting muscle right off the ground.
  • A dual-function power unit provides either air or hydraulic pump operation.
  • User-friendly controls increase productivity, reduce injuries, save money, and improve job satisfaction.
  • A wide base frame combined with full perimeter tie-down rings provides a stable work environment ensuring bikes and choppers remain upright; tip-over concerns remain a thing of the past.
  • Chrome alloy hydraulic cylinder provides smooth, controlled operation to keep things nice and civilized, and an extended-stroke ram means the RML-1500XL stands tall for improved ergonomics.
  • A rigid tubular-steel wheel vise provides better stability and features a hardened steel crank and ergonomic handle for fast and easy set-up. Durable non-slip rubber contact plates help protect expensive wheels.
  • A removable rear deck provides drop-down clearance and accessibility for wheel and suspension work.
  • Rear vertical support poles provide a secure and stable support for hoist straps, as well as tie-downs for elevated bike testing or other floating required services.


  • Lifting Capacity: 1,500 lbs. (680 kg)
  • Power Supply: Air / Hydraulic
  • Main Platform Length: 79.5" (2,019 mm)
  • Main Platform Length w/ Extension: 99.75" (2,534 mm)
  • Main Platform Width: 29.5" (749 mm)
  • Overall Width with Side Decks: 51" (1,295 mm)
  • Overall Length w/ Extension & Ramp: 134.75" (3,422 mm)
  • Max Lifting Height: 45" (1,143 mm)
  • Lowered Height: 7.75" (197 mm)
  • Platform Height - 1st Lock Position: 24" (610 mm)
  • Platform Height - 2nd Lock Position: 28.75" (730 mm)
  • Platform Height - 3rd Lock Position: 32.5" (825 mm)
  • Platform Height - 4th Lock Position: 36" (902 mm)
  • Platform Height - 5th Lock Position: 38.5" (978 mm)
  • Platform Height - 6th Lock Position: 41" (1,041 mm)
  • Air Supply: 90 to 160 psi
  • Shipping Weight: 856 lbs. (388 kg)
  • Shipping Dimensions: 37'' x 91'' x 29'' (939 mm x 2,311 mm x 736 mm)


More Information

More Information

Ranger RML-1500XL Motorcycle Lift Brochure (.pdf)

Ranger RML-1500XL Motorcycle Lift Manual (.pdf)

Ranger Shop Equipment Warranty (.pdf)

Customer Pictures & Testimonials -

Ranger RML-1500XL Motorcycle L:ift - Jeff Holt

 "The Ranger motorcycle lift has been in full use since the day it was dropped off. We have been playing with it to see just how we like using it with all the options installed and I have enclosed a pic of it in usage with the sides off of it. The Lift is definitely one of the nicest I have used and I really like the locking mechanism. Now that the lift is in Tech Center here in the offices, we have been able to increase our tech shoots ten fold. Now the only problem is we have to fight over who gets to use the lift."
Jeff G. Holt
American Motorcycle Group
Anaheim, CA 92806

 Ranger Motorcycle ATV Lift - Spencer Olson

 "Dear ASE,
The motorcycle lift is here and already has had several bikes on it within the first hour. I have included two pics with my '03 Ultra on the lift. Thanks for a great product and I look forward to doing more business with you in the future".
Spencer Olson
OD Cyles and Performance


Ranger RML1500XL Motorcycle Lift Wolf Racing

"Guys, Here's a few pics of my bikes on the 1500 lift. The trike naturally is heaver than the road glide. The lift has no problem lifting the bikes great product. One Hellva lift."

  - Ron Wolf
  Perrysburg, OH

Ranger RML1500XL Trike Lift


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