Ranger R745 Tire Changer | DST2420 Wheel Balancer Combo

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R745 RimGuard™ 21" Capacity Entry-Level Tire Changer and DST-2420 Dynamic Wheel Balancer

The Ranger R745 is the perfect no-frills tire changer for entry level tire and wheel service and the highly accurate DST-2420 Dynamic Wheel Balancer dependably ensures an accurate result within hundredths of an ounce, so you can give your clients vibration-free wheel balance every time. You keep them rolling, we keep your business rolling.  Perfect entry level tire changer and wheel balancer combo.

Note - The R745 Tire Changer does not have the popular Jet Blast system that is found on all other Ranger models



The Ranger R745 is a rigid tower tire machine designed to handle the needs of heavy volume tire shops. A sturdy body, rigid 45mm hexagonal vertical shaft, and hardened-steel horizontal outrigger support arm eliminates flex during all tire service procedures to reduce the chance of expensive wheels getting damaged.
A supersize turntable provides an internal clamping capacity of 21" and  external clamping capacity of 18". With a long list of time-saving features  and a powerful pneumatic optional assist helper, you’ll safely mount  low-profile performance tires and wheels with little effort.

High-Torque Electric Turntable A new high-torque electric turntable drive features increased speed and reversible direction for quicker tire removal and installation. Controlled speed gives low profile and run-flat beads time to relax to reduce the risk of damage
Enhanced Bead Breaker Arm Enhanced bead breaker arm features rugged box frame construction that increases  the mechanical strength and assures years of dependable service and  performance. A large rubber bump‐stop  assures smooth return to help reduce shock loading and minimize wear on  pneumatic cylinder, guides and associated moving parts.
Forged Steel Foot Pedal Levers Durable forged steel (instead of cast iron) foot pedal levers will stand up to  everyday use and abuse in high‐volume tire centers. Snap action  spring return means precise and controlled operation.
Sealed Tight All main‐lead electrical terminals, auxiliary switches, and motor  enclosures are sealed for air‐tight, dust‐free and contamination proof protection of terminal leads.
High-Pressure Polyurethane Pneumatic Tubing Ranger Next Generation™ tire changers feature high pressure polyurethane  pneumatic tubing with mirror smooth seamless bore for exceptional flow rates,  high abrasion resistance, high burst tolerance and maximum kink resistance.
Specially Engineered Drive-Belt Specially engineered drive‐belt features convex sidewalls to  distribute wear evenly while providing proper belt support for improved service  life. Flex‐bonded cords and flex‐weave  covers resist the effects of oil, heat, ozone, weather and aging.
Maintenance-Free Gearbox A maintenance-free gearbox features a large oil and grease reservoir that helps  provide efficient heat dissipation and improved lubrication for longer service  life. Internal baffles and a constant seating stress flange gasket assure  positive, leak‐free venting.
RimGuard™ Wheel Clamp Durable, hardened, alloy‐steel RimGuard™ wheel clamps features internal and external  multi‐teeth jaws with vertical mounting bolts that make  replacement fast and simple.
Up Front Controls Up front controls and a sensible ergonomic design provide ease of use and more  efficient operation.
Aluminum Pneumatic Cylinders Stainless‐steel and aluminum pneumatic cylinders are designed to  reduce machine vibration and provide low‐friction  and long life operation. Internal end‐of‐stroke cushions are standard that help provide cushioning at  the end of each full stroke to recue wear on seals, wear band and piston rod.  Permanent lubrication design provides outstanding service life.
Alloy Steel Mount & Demount Head A hardened alloy steel mount and demount head has a unique equidimensional  shape that allows you to perform all changing functions with the tool head in  the same position. The micro‐smooth tool head surface glides tire  beads effortlessly during mounting and demounting procedures to ensure costly  tire damage is minimized.
All The Extras Come Standard Important wheel service accessories come standard like a large soap bucket with  brush and a multi‐piece plastic wheel protector kit that includes turntable  jaw covers, bead‐breaker blade boots and specialized mount / demount head  covers to help protect delicate wheels.
Tire Iron & Bead Lever Tool We throw in a hardened steel tire iron and bead lever tool to assist during all  tire mounting and demounting operations.
45mm Spring Assist Hexagonal  Vertical Tool Shaft A rigid 45mm spring assist hexagonal vertical tool shaft combined with a  hardened‐steel  horizontal outrigger support arm maintains  perfect position of the mount‐demount tool head during all tire  service procedures to reduce the chance of expensive wheels getting damaged.  All moving parts feature maintenance free linear guide bearings for easy  adjustment of both vertical and horizontal wheel settings. The non‐flex horizontal arm also features a hardened lower roller  guide for smooth and controlled in and out movement. Integrated rubber bump  stops assure smooth return during tilt‐back  operations to help reduce shock loading and minimize wear on tower guides and  moving parts.
Tire Inflator Features A simple to use pistol type tire inflator features a sure‐grip clip‐on valve chuck enabling hands‐free operation.
Plenty of Storage Plenty of storage area for tools and accessories. Helps keep your shop tidy and  operation‐critical tools close at hand.
Turntable Clamps Optional motorcycle turntable clamps add a whole extra level of versatility.  Expand your capabilities, clientele and your bottom line.
Designed to Perform and Built to Last Ranger tire changers are easy to operate and durable enough to withstand the  everyday abuses of a busy shop. Super-tough, aluminum-alloy air cylinders,  rugged welded steel body and more make this one of the toughest, most durable  and trouble-free machines you will ever own.
Safe and Easy to Use It’s simple: our sensible ergonomic design means easier operation for you and  your technicians. We’ve included features such as large anti-slip foot pedal  controls; storage trays for  weights, tools and accessories; and a tabletop inflation system, all to get the  job done as quickly and safely as possible.

The new and improved Ranger DST2420 wheel balancer now handles wheels up to 30” diameter. It is a highly accurate and dependable no‐frills balancer that features our proprietary Digital Sensor Technology for critical reliability and repeatability.From one-bay shops to  high-volume tire stores, the DST2420 is built with a gritty toughness that puts  out perfectly balanced wheels day after day, around the clock. Like all of our DST Series wheel balancers, it’s a zero  tolerance performer that features our proven Direct-Axis drive system, accurate  to within hundredths of an ounce ensuring wheels are balanced vibration-free.


The DST2420 automatically calculates the exact  weight needed to achieve an optimal balance for almost every tire and wheel  configuration on the planet and brightly displayed LED’s mark the exact amount  and location in just six seconds. A  full-menu of time saving features that includes Dynamic,  Static, and Performance Alloy settings allow  you to balance OEM wheel configurations and performance wheels with minimal  effort and speed.

Digital Sensor Technology Our highly  accurate Digital Sensor Technology features a 16-digit digital signal processor and single-chip technology that increases productivity and offers unprecedented speed and accuracy--especially when using sophisticated balance and weight placement techniques required for newer high-tech OEM and aftermarket wheels.

Single-chip circuit board architecture  provides an inherent performance and reliability advantage compared to  multi-chip implementations of the same functionality. In addition to overall  latency reductions, the single-chip architecture significantly boosts device  throughput. An extremely fast dedicated hyper transport protocol allows data to  communicate with the micro-processor at much faster speeds. This solution  offers unmatched integration of features and functionality and results in lower  power consumption and dissipated heat.

Multi-Directional Quartz Piezoelectric Load Sensors The DST2420 uses highly precise dual-component  piezoelectric quartz load sensors combined with a single digital rotation encoder  that measure both longitudinal,  transversal, and shear effects  for multi-directional force unbalance detection. The piezoelectric force sensors  used on the DST2420 are very sensitive and offer long-term stability and  freedom from fatigue for a service life that is  virtually unlimited. The high rigidity quartz crystal sensors result in very  high frequency detection in all three directions of measurement.


Quick and Precise Set-Up Multi-size center  cones and a full rubber perimeter no-mar “Quick-Nut” bell adapter makes mounting  wheels fast and easy and minimizes the risk of costly wheel damage.

Mounting Cone Package The  DST2420 tooling package not only includes our standard car and light truck  cones, but a heavy-duty truck cone and spacer ring as well. This well equipped  package includes three automotive and light truck cones; 1.75” - 2.75”, 2.75” -  3.50”, and 3.50” - 4.25”, and one truck cone 4.50” - 5.00”.

Weight Optimization The DST242000 automatically calculates the  minimum amount of weight needed to achieve an optimal balance for the tire and  wheel  configuration so you use less weight which adds up to  real savings and increases your bottom line. 

Wheel Graphic Interface A touch-pad display panel features tire and wheel assembly graphics to help  simplify speed entry of wheel data and helps guide technicians through  balancing procedures. Operator function keys are labeled with simple,  easy-to-read icons helping operators identify and command all balancing  functions.

LED Rolling Wheel Weight  Displays Bright LED weight placement indicators show weight positions as the wheel is  gently rolled to exact top-dead-center. Tiered weight placement indicators help  identify out-of-sight weight placement such as split-weight or hidden  “behind-the-spoke” techniques. Aids with clip-on, and tape weight placement at precise  locations for zero-on balancing every time.

Features and Specs


  • Water filter: standard
  • Oiler / lubricator: standard
  • Air regulator: standard
  • Breaker bar: standard
  • Large soap / lubricator bucket: standard
  • Brush: standard
  • Traveling drop-center hold down device: standard
  • Inflation restraint device: standard
  • Tool tray / bin storage: standard
  • Motorcycle  turntable clamps: optional
  • Inflation gauge with integrated air dump valve: standard / pistol type
  • Drive system type: electric / air
  • Motor: 2 Hp / 110 - 220 VAC / 50 - 60 Hz
  • Air requirement: 110 - 175 psi / 8 - 12 bar
  • Wheel clamping method: 4 internal / external clamps
  • Table clamping system: dual pneumatic cylinders
  • Bead breaking system: pneumatic blade
  • Power assist towers: optional
  • Tool holder: manual-lock
  • Tower design: rigid / fixed
  • Bead lifting roller: single / left
  • Internal rim clamping capacity: 12" – 21"  / 304 mm - 533 mm
  • External rim clamping capacity: 10" – 18" /  254 mm - 457 mm
  • Turntable tire width capacity mount: 5" – 12" /  127 mm – 305 mm
  • Bead breaker tire width capacity demount: 3" – 11" /  76 mm – 279 mm   
  • Maximum  tire diameter: 36" /  914 mm


  • Dynamic, Static,  and Performance Alloy settings
  • A multi-user save function holds presets to increase productivity
  • An ergonomic control board and easy-to-read LED display has vibrant  visual cues and keypad to improve efficiency and proper balancing techniques  for faster floor-to-floor times
  • A simultaneous retrieval of static,  dynamic and ALU1\ALU2\ALU3 data, identifies weight placement configurations for  a variety of wheel styles and designs with the simple push of a button
  • Automatic rolling  wheel parameter setting feature saves valuable time and minimizes errors
  • Low  RPM balancing speed and rapid six-second  cycle time
  • Automatic  braking
  • Gram/ounce  selection and millimeter/inch selection
  • Automatic  round-off with top-dead-center weight position indicator
  • Tiered weight  placement indicators help identify out-of-sight position weight placement such  as split-weight or hidden “behind-the-spoke” techniques
  • Manual or  automatic start when hood is lowered.
  • Self calibration  function
  • High-volume top  weight tray and side shelf storage gives you room to inventory a wide variety  of wheel weights and tools
  • Precision-machined,  hardened-steel 36-mm shaft.
  • Quick-release hub  nut for dramatically reduced set-up times
  • Side-position  brake hold wheels at precisely 12-o’clock for proper weight placement.
  • Side cone storage  pegs keeps accessories readily available
  •  New “open-side” hood design allows for a  broader coverage of tire shapes and sizes
  • Motor: 1.5 hp / 110V/220V  50/60HZ 1Ph..
  • Working temperature: -5C/27F - 50C/82F    
  • Drive system: belt drive
  • Cycle time: 6 - 9 seconds (avg.)    
  • Balancing modes: dynamic / static / 3-alloy    
  • Top positioning weight locator: standard    
  • Inside & outside measuring: standard    
  • Millimeter / inches selection: standard    
  • Ounce / gram selection: standard    
  • Wheel offset distance setting: manual    
  • Self-calibration function: standard    
  • Auto start when hood is lowered: standard    
  • Wheel spin braking: automatic / electronic    
  • Wheel holding manual brake pedal: standard    
  • Centering cones included: 3 standard / 1 truck    
  • Truck cone / spacer ring adapter set: included standard    
  • Wheel calipers: standard    
  • Rear cone mount spring: standard    
  • No-mar rear cone mount pressure cup: standard    
  • Quick-release & mount hub nut: standard    
  • Maximum tire diameter: 47" / 1,194 mm    
  • Max tire weight: 145 pounds (65 kg)    
  • Max. wheel diameter: 10" - 30" / 254 mm - 672 mm    
  • Wheel width capacity: 2" - 18" / 51 mm - 457 mm    
  • Balancing increments: 0.25 or 0.01 oz    
  • Balancing speed: 180 rpm    
  • Accuracy: +/- 1 gram / .035 oz    
  • Resolution (round off mode): 0.01 ounce, 1.4°    
  • Shipping weight: 398 lbs. / 181 kg    


More Information

More Information

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 "Hi Guys. I received my equipment on Friday. On that note I was very impressed with them and got them hooked up and immediately tried them out and am very happy with both of machines! I've attached a picture of them in my garage. I'm very much looking forward to using it more and all its awesome features! Thanks"
- Kevin Laskowski
 Tonawanda, NY