MAHLE AC Flush Machine ACF-3000

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MAHLE Model ACF-3000 Air Conditioning Closed Loop Flush System
This equipment is easy and fast to operate. Just hook it up to shop air and walk away. Technician can leave it unattended to perform other tasks, and then return after process is complete. Made in USA.
made in usa


The ArcticPRO® ACF 3000 is simple to operate, uses shop air, and can be operated unattended.

The ACF3000 AC system flushing machine is proof. It utilizes a closed loop system process, which means it circulates the flushing agent throughout the AC system and through it's effective filtration system to provide the most effective cleaning process available. It removes any and all debris and any contaminants from the AC system and it's components and siphons them through it's ultra filtration filter for the best cleaning system possible. Prevents any potential damage to automotive air conditioning systems and ensures future reliability. Providing this service to your customer is a profitable venture and this equipment will pay for itself in a relatively short period of time. Flushing the AC system after a major system failure is most critical to remove any contaminants.

MAHLE is a premium manufacturer of auto shop equipment.

Features and Specs


  • Prevents return repairs or come-backs.
  • The safest and most effective process in the industry for efficiently flushing
  • For use with MAHLE specially formulated Super Flush Pro Fluid.
  • Machine has an innovative ventilation process which during the flushing process provides for optimum air quality.
  • Includes a universal adapter kit to cover a very comprehensive variety of vehicles.
  • Fast and easy to hook up to automobile system
  • Premium quality components allows for dependability and long term reliability.
  • Technician can leave machine unattended to increase productivity.
  • Fast and easy functions and operations means AC flushing is easier than ever.


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