MAHLE Nitrogen Tire Inflation System NitroPro NTF-230

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MAHLE NitroPro Nitrogen Tire Inflation System Model NTF-230
Perfect for the shop adding simultaneous 4-tire nitrogen filler to their list of services.
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Mahle Nitrogen Tire Filler System Model NTF-230

The NTF-230 is a multi-tire, automatic-fill nitrogen generator — perfect for the shop adding simultaneous 4-tire nitrogen inflation to their list of services.

  • Faster 4-tire inflation time performance.
  • High nitrogen purity capability.
  • Superior durability and equipment longevity.
  • Simpler maintenance procedures.
  • Smaller equipment footprint.
  • Robust construction.
  • Better warranty.

The new NitroPRO® NTF-230 from RTI outperforms less
reliable PSA technology with:
Faster 4-tire inflation time performance.
• The NitroPRO® NTF-230 provides fast nitrogen inflation
times from start to finish.
High nitrogen purity capability.
• NitroPRO® membrane technology can generate up to 98%
nitrogen purity.
Superior durability and equipment longevity.
• RTI’s NitroPRO® membrane technology provides consistent
nitrogen purity generation over the life of the membrane.
Simpler maintenance procedures.
• No moving nitrogen generation parts make maintenance fast
and easy.
Smaller equipment footprint.
• Compact 24” x 24” floor space requirement and lower
overall unit height means better portability and more usable
space in your shop.
Robust construction.
• NitroPRO® membrane technology means no delicate moving
parts or fragile carbon towers… no worry of performance
degradation in rough shop environments.
Better warranty.
• 5-year warranty on large bore nitrogen-generating membrane

Features and Specs

Specifications -

RTI Model NTF-230 Nitrogen Tire Inflator

Up to 21 tires per hour
Air Supply -100 to 150 psi (6.9 to 10.3 bar) required
Service Time/vehicle 5.0 minutes @ 95% purity (avg)
30 Gallon Tank Capacity
Hoses - Green 1/4 inch Air Hose: Two 24 ft (7.3 m), Two 12 ft
(3.7 m) working length hoses
Dimensions:  46-1/2"H x 24"W x 24"D  Weight: 185 lbs.
Warranty Membrane: 5 Years/1 Year Labor
Basic Unit: 1 Year Parts & Labor