SOLAR Wheeled Jump Starter 3001

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SOLAR Model 3001 12 Volt Commercial Charger/Starter with Air Compressor
The 3001 replaces three of the most common items used in a garage: jumper cables, battery chargers and air tanks.
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SOLAR Model 3001 12 Volt Commercial Charger | Jumpstarter with Air Compressor

The 3001 replaces the three most common items used in a garage: jumper cables, battery chargers and air tanks. To save space and labor costs, the 3001 incorporates 5' retractable jumper cables, a heavy-duty 10 amp charger and an automatic shut-off air compressor that can inflate a 14" car tire in less than 2 minutes!

For most commercial operations, there is no substitute for the raw power of our large, wheeled jump start units! These are truly the finest, most powerful jumpstarters on the market! Designed for rugged use and frequent jumps, no shop owner should be without.
The Solar 2001 and 3001 wheeled jump start units for automotive use are the choice for commercial applications. All have automatic shut-off chargers, volt and amp gauges, and can be used as battery chargers. Volt gauge can be used to identify faulty alternators. Polyethylene case single piece construction adds to durability, and is impervious to fuels and solvents. Also have heavy duty pneumatic wheels with ball bearings. Again, only the finest quality. This assures you of not being let down when you need it most!
3001 air compressor Units feature AIR COMPRESSOR to inflate tires, and never run out of air like air tanks will!
Compressor is a Thomas Industries piston driven compressor and delivers 1.3 cfm at 0 psi and 1.0 cfm at 30 psi. Maximum psi is 150. This is a high quality compressor with solid steel components, and features a thermal overload shut-off. All units are equipped with an adjustable pressure switch, (30-75 lbs.), factory set at 32 psi. Snap-on chuck for hands free operation.
Forget all the technical stuff. All you want to know is this is a great compressor that will give you years of trouble-free service. The Heavy Truck unit will spin the starter in the coldest of temperatures, delivering the raw power necessary to start semi-trucks, construction equipment, or any large diesel engine. They accept 2 batteries and also available is a 12/24 volt Heavy Truck jump start model.Wheeled jumpstart units accept any group 24-31 battery and deliver 700 - 1400 COLD cranking amps, depending on the battery you install in it.
Automotive 2001 and 3001 units come WITHOUT battery. Installing your own saves you money! 

Features and Specs


  • Automatic 7 Amp battery charger
  • Jump starting based on battery installed
  • 150 PSI Air Compressor with Automatic Shut-off Switch
  • 5' Retractable Jumper Cable Leads
  • Hands-free clip-on air chuck
  • Requires Group 31 battery (not included)
  • Charging system properly charges flooded or AGM installed batteries
  • 1 year Limited Warranty


  • Battery Type : Group 31 (not included)
  • Battery Charger :7 Amp Automatic
  • Jumper Cable Length : 5'
  • Cable Gauge : #2
  • Tire Type : 9" Pneumatic Split Rim
  • Indicator Display : Gauge
  • Cold Cranking Amps - 12 Volt : Determined by Battery
  • Weight : 82 lbs.
  • Warranty : 1 Year Limited
  • UPC : 747410000021

More Information

More Information

Barrett Jackson purchased the 2001 and 3001 Wheeled Jump Starters from us. So did Conoco Phillips. If they are good enough for them, they should be good enough for you.


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