BendPak Car Stacker Parking Lift HDS-35PX

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BendPak HDS-35PX Car Stacker Parking Lift Super Duty Drive-On Fleet 35,000 Lb Capacity
Maximize your garage parking space with the ultimate super heavy duty truck parking lift. This handy storage lift allows you to store more trucks, buses and other equipment when you don't hve the option of using more real estate. Can be used in a wide variety of business applications, including RV storage, fleet service centers, public utility and government facilities, bus companies, and many more applications. This auto lift is a more affordable alternative to purchasing more storage space.

BendPak HDS-35PX Parking Lift

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BendPak HDS-35PX Car Stacker Parking Lift
BendPak  parking lifts take advantage of wasted overhead space both inside and outdoors  giving you the opportunity to store vehicles one to two deep, two levels high,  effectively doubling the amount of vehicle storage on your property.

The  BendPak HDS-35PX parking system is the perfect balance of affordability and  dependability. From fleet operations to ­­truck yards, the HDS-35PX provides  businesses the perfect vehicle parking solution by increasing capacity up to  75% and maximizing use of your biggest asset – real estate.

Over  the past four decades, BendPak parking lifts and vehicle storage racks have  earned a reputation as the best engineered, best made lifting systems in the  world. We've applied the same dedication to design and production excellence to  the HDS-35PX super-duty truck parking system. As the nation’s only single  source manufacturer of surface mount vehicle lift systems, BendPak is uniquely  qualified to assist you in planning and executing your vehicle parking and  storage system to help you reduce costs and increase operation efficiency. If  you require unparalleled experience, quality and service, call BendPak for your  next parking project. BendPak will even customize a parking solution to solve  your logistics problems, and save you money.

  • Spring-loaded safety locks automatically engage continuously during operation.
  • Adjustable safety ladders allow for precise runway leveling even when installed on sloped floors.
  • Super-sized 12" diameter cable sheaves combined with massive 4" diameter sheave axles dramatically improved cable wear and critical component lifespans.
  • BendPak's HDS-Truck Series lifts feature four stainless steel lifting cables that provide a great balance between abrasion resistance and fatigue.
  • Grease nipples are located on every sheave and sheave axle to make lubrication maintenance a breeze.
  • Equipped with a single hydraulic cylinder hidden away under the runway for maximum performance and reliability and minimum exposure to elements.
  • The hydraulic cylinder features high-durometer rod seals, pressure loaded U-cup piston seals, backups and wear bands that virtually eliminate any fluid bypass.
  • The welded hydraulic cylinder features an integrated hydraulic flow restrictor provides a controlled descent in the unlikely event of an unexpected hose rupture.
  • Durable powder coat finish can withstand harsh environments and chemical spills and will provide years of protection.
  • A maintenance-free electric hydraulic power system combined with simple push-button controls makes operations safe, fast and simple.
  • Aircraft-quality stainless steel and aluminum pneumatic cylinders will provide years of trouble-free service.
  • A secondary lock system is on constant guard and acts as a slack-cable device in the unlikely even of an unexpected cable failure.

Features & Specs

FEATURES BendPak HDS-35PX Car Stacker Parking Lift

  • 35,000-lb. lifting capacity auto stacker
  • Spring-loaded safety locks
  • Adjustable safety ladders
  • Supersized 12" diameter sheaves
  • Four stainless steel lifting cables
  • Grease nipples on every sheave
  • Single hydraulic cylinder under runway
  • Cylinder features high-durometer rod seals
  • Cylinder features integrated flow restrictor
  • Durable powder coat finish
  • Maintenance-free electric hydraulic power system
  • Simple push-button controls
  • Aircraft quality pneumatic cylinders
  • Secondary lock system on constant guard


  • Lifting capacity: 35,000 lbs. / 15,876 kg
  • Overall length: 456" / 11,582
  • Outside length: 427" / 10,857
  • Overall width: 185-1/2" / 4,713 mm
  • Height of columns: 200" / 5,076 mm
  • Min. runway height: 9-1/2" / 240 mm
  • Max. rise: 168" / 4,275 mm
  • Max. lifting height: 177-1/2" / 4,510 mm
  • Width between posts: 133-1/2" / 3,390 mm
  • Runway width: 28" / 711 mm
  • Width between runways: 36" - 47" / 905 - 1,199 mm
  • Length of runways: 398-1/2" / 10,125 mm
  • Locking positions: 27
  • Lock spacing: Every 4" / 102 mm
  • Lifting time: 200 seconds
  • Standard motor (**): 220 VAC / 60 Hz. 1 Ph.

*Not all BendPak lift models meet the standards as prescribed by **ANSI/ALI ALCTV-2006 or ANSI/UL 201. Consult for a complete list.  Shared column design minimizes floor space usage on ganged installations ***Multi-station power unit and special voltages available upon request ****The design, material and specifications are subject to change without notice



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View PDF Floorplan

Four Post Lift Safe Balancing

BendPak Lifts 5 2 1 Warranty

View Study In Lift Design PDF
BendPak Study In Lift Design

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BendPak Four Post Lift Testimonials

Here are five questions you must consider before buying that bargain-lift!

Who is the manufacturer? How long have they been around? Many have gone out of business
several times, each time leaving their prior customers who depend on them high and dry. What is
the manufacturer's reputation? Are their manufacturing facilities and equipment state-of-the-art?
For instance, Bend-Pak's four post lifts use a futuristic UHMW ultra-high molecular weight
polyethyline load bearings. They never need lubrication and last virtually the life of the lift.
BendPak's four post lifts also contain a slack cable safety. This is a secondary locking system
that will extend safety latches should your cable fail, lose tension, or fall off a pulley.  Bend-Pak is
one of the leading manufacturers in the world and has been manufacturing automotive equipment
for over forty five years.

What is the lift's quality? This is the most important consideration when purchasing a lift, or
any product for that matter. How thick is the steel used to produce the columns? What is the
quality of the steel used in the manufacturing process? Bend Pak's lifts are manufactured with 
the highest quality ASTM steel - only the best. Are the posts manufactured of single-piece construction?
If they're not, you're sacrificing strength. BendPak's base plates are an extra thick steel plate.
This lessens the stress on your floor as well as the bottoms of the posts. The result? - you
guessed it. A safer lift! Are the welds quality welds, or are they inferior spot welds? What about
the other components? If they are of questionable origin, you may not notice within the first year
or two, but you will shortly after the warranty expires!

What about the cylinders? Bend Pak uses a top quality cylinder with pressure relief system
mounted underneath the runways, so it's out of the way.  Those bargain lift systems typically
wear very early, and require continuous monitoring and maintenance. Bend-Pak's technology
offers better reliability and smoother operation. And because they work under lower pressure,
they last much longer. That bargain lift isn't saving you as much money as you first thought - is

Does the manufacturer sacrifice safety to save money? This is unacceptable to BendPak, and
it should be to anyone who works under a lift! Does that bargain lift have redundant locks that
automatically engage in the event of hydraulic or cable failure? Bend-Pak's lifts have a secondary
slack cable safety. BendPak lifts incorporate these redundant safety features to ensure your
safety. Only lifts approved by
ETL and ALI (Automotive Lift Institute) will have this feature.
Does the lift comply with ETL and ALI standards? No one should even consider a lift that
doesn't! Only a handfull of manufacturers do and of those that do, Bend Pak is one of the most
affordable. Not sure if the other manufacturer is an
ALI certified manufacturer? If they don't
mention that they are - they most likely aren't.
Beware manufacturers that claim they are approved
and tested by anybody but ALI. ALI is the industry standard and the recognized industry watchdog.
ALI and ETL approved lifts must conform with
the most strict international safety and quality standards.

How much money is that bargain lift really saving you? Short term, it might save you a
couple of hundred dollars, but then you factor in the down-time and the added maintenance and
monitoring of their lifts. Then add the time wasted on unnecessary procedures. Shortly, you will
begin to realize the lifetime of savings a quality lift like Bend-Pak will bring you. Furthermore,
Bend-Pak offers on-site service if necessary. The bargain lift manufacturers that we know of
don't offer on-site service. Plus, we've found that parts availability is an issue with the bargain
lifts. Sure, they may have parts now, while this particular lift is still in production, but what about
when they discontinue this model? Will parts still be available years later? Usually not.
Remember, TIME=MONEY! If your technician is doing anything other than servicing a
customer's vehicle, you're losing money!

Quality does matter!
Think smarter. Think long term. Think Bend Pak.


The BEND PAK Lifts - As seen on TV!
American Hot Rod
Monster Garage
Fast N Loud
West Coat Customs
Jay Leno's Garage


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