Ranger Tire Changer Super Duty Truck R26FLT

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Ranger R26FLT Super-Duty Truck Tire Changer | Part 5140205
The Ranger R26FLT is a super-duty tire changer that handles the truck, bus and commercial van tires with ease. Comes with joy stick control. The R26FLT is an incredibly fast and efficient large tire changer. Swap out tubeless truck, agricultural and off-road tires from 14" to 26" in just minutes. A portable remote control brings convenient precision to your finger tips and saves you precious time

Ranger Tire Changer Truck R26FLT

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Features & Specs
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The Ranger R26FLT was made for large tubeless truck tires, as well as off-road and farm equipment wheels ranging from 14" up to 26". It can make short work of these wheels with a remote control that is portable. This model was designed with efficiency in mind, to allow you to service large truck rires in the fastest times possible.

Forged steel components, precision engineered mechanics along with innovative engineering combine to offer you the most advanced and efficient machines available. Ranger tire changers are the standard in the industry, and user controls make them easy to learn to operate, and this allows you to get the unit functioning in relatively little time.

Portable Control Unit - move to where you need it. Simple controls make for short service times.

Self Centering Hydraulic Clamping Chuck Allows for center hole clamping or inside the wheel rim. Whichever method you prefer. Some wheels will be better one way, while others will be better suited for the other.

Heavy Duty Electric Hydraulic Motor & Hydraulic Drive - A truly powerful and innovative motor provides maximum torque for those difficult jobs.

Mount / De-Mount Head Can move into any position quickly and easily for the optimal comfort. All components are within reach at all time.

Quick Set-Up Mounting / demounting arm is easily and quickly placed into position for maximum efficiency. 

Designed to Perform and Built to Last -  Like all Ranger tire changers, the R26-FLT was made to hold up to the modern high volume fleet and service centers. Durable and rugged construction make it a leader in the field. No tyre machine is made to more exacting standards, and with such attention to detail. Welded steel cabinet and frame, aluminum alloy cylinders, and every possible mechanical neccessity was put into this unit.

Hydraulic Sled Carriage - aids in loosening the bead as well as positioning the wheel, and finally demount also. 

One Piece Single-piece frame means nostructural integrity beyond the typical machine that most manufacturers offer.

Spreader Jaws  are controlled by hydraulics and can clamp onto virtually any of the wheels you may want to handle, including heavy truck wheels, agricultural, and even off road wheels.

Safe and Easy to Use - easy means quick. It also means safer. It also means your techs can learn it in a speedy amount of time.

Powerful Bead Breaker   a powerful stainless steel cylinder supplies all of the bead breaking power you'll need. Added with the bead breaking blade and you've got a formidable duo.

Massive Chuck Spindles Huge spindle to handle the heaviest loads.

Built-In Sturdiness Sturdy spindle, chuck and mount / demount head hydraulically rotates, raises, and lowers with simple operator controls.

A Gentle Touch Very gentle on over-the-road tires and tubeless tires mounted on aluminum wheels.

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Features & Specs


  • Super-duty electric motor and hydraulic drive for superior torque and wheel holding power
  • Self-centering hydraulic clamping chuck
  • Heavy, tapered roller bearings and a dual direction hydraulic motor provide smooth torque
  • Quick positioning and locking mount / demount arm
  • Hydraulic sled carriage for positioning, bead loosening, mounting and demounting procedures
  • Single piece frame for superior rigidity
  • Hydraulically operated spreader jaws ensure secure clamping of virtually all rims and off-road style wheels
  • Massive chuck spindle handles the heaviest loads
  • Sturdy spindle, chuck and mount-demount head hydraulically rotates, raises, and lowers with simple operator controls
  • Very gentle on over-the-road tires and tubeless tires mounted on aluminum wheels
  • Simple design is easy to use
  • Tire lubrication comes standard
  • Funnel comes standard
  • Large bead tool comes standard
  • Small bead tool comes standard
  • Rotary valve O-rings comes standard
  • Fuses comes standard
  • Wheel clamp comes standard
  • Lever grease gun comes standard


  • Drive system type: electric / hydraulic
  • Standard voltage: 208 V – 230 V / 60 Hz / 1 Ph
  • Wheel clamping method: 4 clamps
  • Bead breaking system: armor-plated disc
  • Max rim diameter: 14" – 26" / 356 mm – 660 mm
  • Center Hole Diameter Capability - 5" - 27"
  • Max tire / wheel diameter: 63" / 1,600 mm
  • Max tire / wheel width: 31-1/2" / 800 mm
  • Shipping weight: 1,485 lbs. / 674 kg

Specification are subject to change without notice. *Different voltages available upon request.



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Ranger Tie Changer - LAM Auto Repair

"Check out the pictures of our new Ranger R30XLT tire machine. This machine is great and handles anything I throw at it. Thanks for everything".
Lambert McKenzie
Lam's Auto Repair Tampa, FL



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Ranger Tire Changer Super Duty Truck R26FLT Reviews

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