T-TECH Transmission Fluid Exchanger TT400

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T-TECH PRO ATF Exchange Unit
Like its predecessors, system utilizes a revolutionary process to exchange virtually all of a vehicle's transmission fluid.

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Allows vehicle's own transmission to regulate the exchange process guaranteeing that proper pressure and fill are maintained. An on-board pump speeds cylinder filling. The new TT400 features a rugged new roto-molded case design, upgraded internal plumbing connections, a drip tray enhanced storage space and side pocket for storage of manuals.

More Benefits:

Fast - features quick connect hoses and an easy hook-up to the transmission cooling line for a quick start. From hood-up to hood-down, most vehicles can be serviced in 15 minutes or less.

Assured - eliminates dangers of over or under-pressuring the system. Plus, the T-Tech exchange is 100% proportional--for every quart removed, a new quart automatically takes its place--to ensure an accurate fill every time.

Smart and Convenient - offers no need to verify fluid flow prior to starting and no possibility of a reverse connection. An auto-bypass safety switch frees the operator for other tasks by sending the unit into bypass mode upon completion of the service. A drain pan feature provides convenient draining of the transmission pan prior to removal or other applications.

Completeexchanges virtually 100% of the vehicle's ATF in a proportional, even exchange. Old transmission fluid is pulled from the most stubborn and difficult-to-reach areas of the transmission system, including the torque converter and cooler.

Features and Specs


  • Auto-alignment for fast and easy hookups
  • Auto-bypass mode when service is completed means the machine can be left unattended
  • Clear fluid cylinder drives home the benefit of ATF exchange
  • Includes standard and special fittings
  • Leak-free, dry break quick connect couplers
  • Drain pan feature to conveniently drain transmission pan
  • Compact 15" x 30" footprint
  • 1 year warranty


Fluid Capacity
No. of Fittings Included
Cylinder Pump Power Input
Back-lit Fluid Cylinder
Dry-Break Couplers
Shipping Weight
18 Quart
12 Volt DC

T-TECH input power is for cylinder fill and cylinder lighting only; the unit requires no power to perform service.

More Information

More Information

Product Chosen for Popular TV Show

The television show, Two Guys Garage, needed a transmission fluid exchange machine for the show. And, we got them up and running quickly on the T-TECH 400. Watch video now >