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  • Rochester Auto Museum - 4 Post Lifts

    Rochester Auto Museum - 4 Post Lifts

    "As you can see, I have a passion for my cars. And I won't trust just anybody with them. Thanks to Brian Lockhart at ASEDeals, I have improved my storage situation at my Rochester Auto Museum. He set me up with the best BendPak lifts for my cars, and took care of the installation as well. Everything went smoothly and without a hitch. I trust Brian and Automotive Service Equipment for all of my garage equipment needs.
    Bravo Brian."
    - Bob Bartosiewicz
    Rochester, NY

    Bob is an avid car collector, and he knows a lot about classic cars. He owns a very extensive and impressive line of classic muscle cars that must be seen by anyone who appreciates the beauty of a rare classic automobile. We highly recommend car aficionados to check it out when in the area of Rochester NY.

    Bob Bartosiewicz - Rochester Auto Museum

  • Newport Car Museum 4 Post Lift

    Newport Car Museum 4 Post Lift

    Who do you call when you’re one of the hottest, most impressive new Auto Museums in the country and you need a car lift? When the Newport Car Museum needed a garage lift to service their fleet of amazing classic cars, they knew who to contact. They trusted ASEdeals due to our 5 Star reputation and 22 years of experience in supplying car collectors, auto museums, professional garages and home / hobby car buffs with the best equipment in the industry.
    We supplied them with our Tuxedo FP9KDX-XLT four post lift. And they love it. Check out what they said -

    "We use the lift every day to service our classic cars. It helps us maintain our fleet of collector automobiles. We Love it. It works great. We couldn't be happier. Thank you for providing such great service and advice."
    - Wayne Lee
    Facilities Manager - Newport Car Museum

    FYI - The Newport Car Museum was recently nominated as one of America's Top 10 Attractions by USA Today.

    Wayne Lee - Newport Car Museum

  • Garage 4 Post Hoist

    Garage 4 Post Hoist

    "I have attached a picture of the lift with one of my cars on it. I am sure I will love it!! Thanks again for all of your help."

    We see some very nice home / hobby garages as you can imagine. Customers send in pictures all the time. This is a very nice set up with the checkerboard flooring and walkway down the middle. The cars aren't bad either. We love these kinds of shots, but we also appreciate the simpler garages that a typical grease monkey might have with dirty concrete floors and unfinished walls. It's not necessarily about the garage anyway. It's about getting out in there and being able to service or store the cars. We all can relate to that.

    Steve Smith - Manchester, MD

  • 4th Car Lift Purchased

    4th Car Lift Purchased

    Here is the long awaited hoist picture. It should make you proud! I love the product and have recommended your company and product to several people. This is the 4th car lift I purchased from you and works out perfect as well. Have a great day!

    When a customer comes back for a 4th time to purchase a big ticket item like a car lift from you, you know you must be doing something right. We have a very simple business. All we have to do is make sure you are happy after all is said and done. It sounds easy, but we're constantly surprised at how many times we hear that other companies don't live by this standard. If you're not happy, we want to hear about it. Please let us know what we can do to correct that.

    Rick E. Start, President - Richwood Inudstries, Inc., Grand Raphids, MI

  • Boat Lift

    Boat Lift

    Hey, I just want to let you know how pleased I am with the BendPak Lift HD-7500BL that I purchased through ASE on April 1, 2011. The kit came to my house on time. A friend and myself assembled it without any problems in just 6 hours. It performed flawlessly from the start, and overall, I am delighted with the quality of the lift. Thank you for your personal assistance, Brian! You were very pleasant to work with over the phone. I appreciate that greatly! Thanks again,

    Nobody else makes a lift like this. The BendPak HD7500BL Boat & Trailer Lift was manufactured just for the purpose of raising and storing the extra wide boats, trailers and PWC trailers that are typically too wide for a standard auto lift. Yet, if you want to store or service a car on it, you still can. (Note - some cars may be too narrow to fit on the runways, although most will fit. As you can see, this solves the age old problem of where to store your boat for the winter. Plus, it's much cheaper than storing at a boat storage facility.

    Kerry Alexander - Piperton, TN

  • Custom Tool & Engineering

    Custom Tool & Engineering

    "Thanks for the great service. I have been planning on building a new garage/shop for the past 10+ years. This past spring it became reality. Needing a lift because of having 1967 Chevelle and 1996 Fatboy myself, didn’t justify it. But with my girlfriend owning the 1967 Cougar, 1991 Firebird convertible and 2005 Sportster it made it an easy decision. When I drew up the plans for the garage, it was based on fitting the HD9XW. The lift for us, will provide extra room for storage and the ease of working on our classics".

    So many car enthusiasts have a problem. But it's a good problem to have. They have too many automobiles to fit in their garage. What to do? Well, you can always add on to your garage, or you can rent storage space. But that can be costly. Car collectors have found it to be much more affordable to obtain a storage lift. As long as you have adequate ceiling height, you can immediately double your parking space. It's a no-brainer.

    Scott Gouza, Fredonia, WI - Custom Tool & Engineering

  • BendPak HDS-14X Extra Long 4 Post Lift Purchase

    BendPak HDS-14X Extra Long 4 Post Lift Purchase

    "You were able to modify the lifts to meet our specific application. The installers you provided were professional and thorough. The entire job went smoothly. Thanks again."
    Tom Orr
    Morgan Corp.
    Morgantown, PA

    This customer had a specific need for modifying our BendPak HDS-14X extra long four post lifts for a manufacturing application. We supplied them car lifts for several different locations, including Pennsylvania, Oregon, and Texas. Few manufacturers can offer ALI Certified lifts with such quality and features. Particularly an extra long 14,000 pound capacity rack with premium features. If you have a need that cannot be met with our standard design hoist models, give us a call and we'll see if we can accommodate you.

    Tom Orr - Morgan Corp

  • Dannmar D7

    Dannmar D7

    "I currently have the Dannmar D7 I purchased from you about a year ago. I liked the D7 garage lift so much, I would like to deal with you again. In the past year I have recommended you to a number of people in my car clubs, to my neighbors, and my dad even bought one. I currently have a 70 RS/SS 396 Camaro, 1979 pro-touring Trans Am 403, and recently purchased a factory condition original 4 speed 1979 Camaro Z28. My '70 has appeared in calendars and coloring books, my TA was selected Firebird of the month in April by Trans Am Country, and my 79 Z will join them shortly. Here are the cars I hope to put on 2 of your lifts in my new shop. As you can tell I am an avid collector. I would be making another purchase in Oct/Nov upon completing my shop and 79 Camaro. Thanks again for the great deal."

    Very cool cars Matt. We love pictures like these. It's obvious that when somebody takes pride in their cars, their not going to shortchange themselves when it comes to the car lift that's going to hold them up. That would be foolish, or to coin another phrase, pennywise and pound foolish. Dannmar is a great name in automotive equipment and their 4 post lifts are one of only a few on the home hobby circuit that are ALI Certified.

    Matt Hiatt - Ongview, WA 98632

  • Two HD9 Four Post Lifts

    Two HD9 Four Post Lifts

    "Both HD9 Four Post Lifts are in. They are beautiful and perfect size. The quality is unbelievable! Thanks again for all your help. You were very helpful with the purchase and coordinating installation. Here's a couple of photos. Thanks again."

    Customers with serious automobiles want serious lifts. That's where BendPak Lifts come in. The HD-9 Series four post lifts are perfect for the serious car buff looking for a fair priced option that offers a full featured hoist with all the safety of a professional model. And when you want it professionally installed, we can take care of that as well. We're your one stop shop for all your tool and equipment needs.

    Malcom Ross - Columbus, OH

  • BendPak HD-9 4 Post Car Lift 101879

    BendPak HD-9 4 Post Car Lift 101879

    "Attached is a photo of my new BendPak HD9 in action. I purchased this lift because of it’s lifting capacity as I wanted a lift that would easily pick up my 2012 Ram Diesel pickup truck. In the photo I am changing the oil, this is the first time that I actually have used the lift. Also in the photo is the Ranger 18 gallon oil drain that I purchased from ASEDeals.com."

    - Mike Smolek,
    Sykesville, MD 21784

    This customer purchased the BendPak HD-9 4 post car lift because it has the wider runway setting that allows him to place his full size pick up truck on it. The runways are adjustable, so you can set them further out, or closer together, depending on the width of the automobile you will be placing on it. This added versatility is one of the many reasons this is our most popular lift model. If you are placing longer crew cab trucks on it, you will want to look at the longer HD-9XW, which not only lifts a full one foot higher, but it is also 2 feet longer.

    Michael Smolek -

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BendPak HD9 Four Post Lifts for Car Storage - 101993

"Attached are a few photos of the lifts I had purchased from you last fall. We recently purchased a home built in 1922 and promptly tore down the very small existing garage to build this 600 square foot, 15 feet tall, garage - the largest the town would allow. Due to the shape of the property, there is a single garage door on the front, cars are parked head-to-head and 2 stacked above on lifts. We have a second garage door at the end for backyard access and cross ventilation and the original garage barn doors were placed on the side to our new patio. We've had several parties so far, and the garage is the favorite spot, even with 2 cars overhead on lifts.
Thanks again,"
Ron Grammer
Manasquan, NJ

Car collectors who don't want to pay monthly rental fees for garage storage space are grabbing up these for post lifts for their car parking and storage capabilities. It's much more affordable in the long run vs storage facilities, or adding on to your garage.

Ron Grammer


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