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  • Motorcycle Lift

    Motorcycle Lift

    "The lift is here and already has had several bikes on it within the first hour. I have included two pics with my '03 Ultra on the lift. Thanks for a great product and I look forward to doing more business with you in the future."

    If you want the ultimate ATV and Motorcycle lift, you must check out the Ranger RML-1500XL. Not only does it include all of the popular accessories as standard, but it also has innovative features too, like the retractable casters so it can be rolled around, even when a bike is loaded on top of it. You can also power it by air or hydraulic pumps. Most lifts are powered by air, and that's just fine for a garage, but what if you're out doing a field repair and you don't have access to an air compressor? No need to worry with this model. simply pump the manual hydraulic pump and you're good to go!

    Spencer Olson - OD Cyles and Performance

  • Jersey Auto Spa

    Jersey Auto Spa

    "Fantastic lift. Check out this pic of our new BendPak P6 Pit Lift. Very happy with the product."

    This picture illustrates the typical application for this car lift. Lube shops that have a pit for the technician to go down in and perform service from below are the biggest fans of this style of hoist. Of course, it's not just for pits and servicing the vehicle from below. It's also perfect for wheel service as well. Tire rotations, brake repairs, and any other job that doesn't require the auto to be raised too high. The 29 inch lifting height gets you up high enough to perform these types of repairs, and allows BendPak to offer a lift that takes up virtually no space in your repair shop. That's why garage owners love it.

    Sergio Lopes - Jersey Auto Spa, Edison, NJ

  • Full Rise Scissor Lift

    Full Rise Scissor Lift

    "Well I just got the lift installed and here it is. Just one word - Awesome! It is a great lift and I'm very happy with it. As you can see, I actually created a recess in my concrete so it is flush mounted with the floor. Thank you for the great service and a truly unique car lift."
    Editor's Note - This automotive scissor lift is also available in a model that can be mounted flush with the concrete. This is not a typical installation. The flush mount feature keeps your floor clear of any obstructions, so when the hoist is not being used, the floor is completely available for use. And with a stout 7,000 pound capacity, you can raise most passenger cars and light trucks. The benefit is that it doesn't occupy nearly as much floor space as a more conventional model.

    Mark Landon - Bullhead City, AZ

  • Ranger RML1500XL Motorcycle Lift - Wolf Racing

    Ranger RML1500XL Motorcycle Lift - Wolf Racing

    "Guys, here they are. Here's a few pics of my bikes on the 1500 lift. The trike naturally is heaver than the road glide. The lift has no problem lifting the bikes. Great product. One Hell'va lift."

    - Ron Wolf
    Perrysburg, OH

    The Ranger RML1500XL really is a cut above the competition in many ways. Yes, it has the capacity to carry a heavier load than most typical motorcycle lifts. Yes, it comes complete with all of the popular accessories included - including the side extensions for trikes, ATV's, lawn tractors and more, front extension for longer choppers, wheel vise, support poles, drop down panel for rear wheel, and two different approach ramp kits, including the wider ATV approach ramps (2 pieces) and the longer motorcycle ramp. Most motorcycle lifts would wilt under the weight of a trike. Plus, it is totally portable. It features caster wheels that are retractable, so it can be moved freely around your garage - even while it is loaded. Don't forget, you can power it by air alone, or hydraulics as well. So if you're on the road, without access to an air compressor, you can still use it. This is the only motorcycle lift you will ever need.

    Ron Wolf - Wolf Racing

  • BendPak PL7000XR Car Parking Lift 92503B

    BendPak PL7000XR Car Parking Lift 92503B

    "Very satisfied with the quality and fabrication of our lift. The entire process from ordering to delivery to installation was first class. You made every aspect of this purchase easy and convenient."
    Joe Camelio
    Landover, MD

    The PL-7000XR two post car parking lift is a popular model for home users, car collectors, and even commercial parking facilities to help clear up storage issues for automobiles. Park one car over another and change a one car garage to a two car garage bay. This car hoist raises extra high, so you can park even tall SUV's and trucks underneath. The two post lift is a viable alternative to other car storage lifts when you need to take up less floor space. It also doesn't clutter up your floor with as many columns like a four post lift would. This model can even be placed side by side tight up against one another to take up as little garage floor space as possible. And don't worry, we can make all the arrangements for installation as well.

    Joe Camelio -

  • MSC-6K Portable Car Hoist Single Post - 96261

    MSC-6K Portable Car Hoist Single Post - 96261

    Here is the assembled lift with a car on it at our farm here in Ohio. I am really happy with it. I think I might like to send one down to Florida to my winter shop."
    Rob Stilwell
    Stilwell Farms
    Baltimore, OH

    This popular and unique auto lift offers features you can't usually find in a car lift. It is a full rise lift, and yet is fully portable. That's what makes it so popular. Roll it from one bay to another inside your garage, and then roll it outside to service a disabled vehicle in the lot. You get all this functionality while still having access to most of the automobile's components. Salvage yards love this thing. But so do many general service and repair facilities, and even farms, as you can see with this customer testimonial. And with a beefy 6,000 lb. capacity, you can raise a wide variety of automobiles with it, from muscle cars to light trucks. This is a very versatile hoist.

    Robert Stilwell - Stilwell Farms

  • BendPak PL-7000XR Car Storage Lift - 94214

    BendPak PL-7000XR Car Storage Lift - 94214

    "I told you I would forward a few pics for you when the lift was up.... so here they are. I have just enough room to squeeze my truck underneath. This gives me the extra space I needed. Thanks a lot."

    Dan Ryan
    Baldwin, NY

    When you need that extra space in your garage, you can always turn to ASEDeals. We've got a wide variety of car hoists that meet almost any home garage owner's needs as well as car collectors and even parking facilities.
    As you can see by this customer's picture, you can fit these into some pretty tight situations if needed. If you're not sure if you have enough ceiling height overhead, contact us. If you need advice on which lift to choose, based on your specific application, give us a call. We have over 20 years of experience in the automotive shop equipment industry. We'll set you up with the right one for you.

    Dan Ryan -

  • BendPak MD6XP Mid Rise Scissor Lift - 104885

    BendPak MD6XP Mid Rise Scissor Lift - 104885

    "Thanks again for all your help with the lift. It's perfect."
    Dennis Villani
    Cedar Knolls, NJ

    This particular auto lift is not just for professional auto shops. Many people get this for use in their own personal garage. It is ideal for servicing the typical passenger car, SUV and light truck. It is very versatile, due to it's frame engaging arms that can reach a wide variety of vehicle frame jacking points. And the best part? - It's completely portable. You can roll it around the garage to wherever you need it. And when it's not in use, you can just park over it, and you would hardly even know it's there. We know you've seen other scissor lifts out there that look very similar. But there are significant differences. Give us a call, and we'll gladly explain them to you. We have over 20 years in the automotive shop equipment industry, and we will steer you right.

    Dennis Villani -

  • Croghan Auto Care

    Croghan Auto Care

    "This mini lift is awesome and we use it several times a week."
    James Croghan
    Croghan's Auto Care
    Wilmington, OH

    ESCO manufactures two different options for their Mini Lift car lift. The 92050 and 92055. The 92050 is the basic lift unit, while the 92055 includes all the popular options like the jack stands and trolley wheels. The trolley wheels make this unit portable even while a car is on it. This unique auto lift is very unique and must be seen to be believed. It's powered by shop air, is totally portable, and can raise most typical passenger cars for a mid rise lift allowing access to virtually all of the automobile including the wheels. Check out the videos for it on our web site to see why this lift might be right for you.

    James Croghan - Croghan Auto Care

  • MD6XP for Low Ceiling Height

    MD6XP for Low Ceiling Height

    "When we needed an auto lift for one of our bays in our service department, we decided to go with ASE and their BendPak MD6XP lift. This lift is perfect for performing brake jobs and other repairs on the side of our garage that has limited ceiling height. We plan on getting several more of these lifts soon. And the personal service that Automotive Service Equipment provides is second to none."

    The Bahamas is our favorite country (outside of the USA) and is a popular travel destination. Beyond tourism, It has a thriving banking industry. This combination has made it a rapidly growing economy, and to that end, it's population is also expanding. When the economy grows and population expands, citizens drive more automobiles. That means more service centers and other types of transportation related businesses. That's where we come in. We have been supplying all kinds of products to the great businesses in the Bahamas for years now, and the rest of the Caribbean, including Trinidad, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Jamaica and Haiti. Our reputation has grown there largely by word of mouth, and referrals. Word has gotten out that we take good care of our great customers. And we're not going to stop now.

    David Hayling, Service Manager - Bahamas Bus & Truck Co.

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Single Post Lift

"Love my lift!"

Now that's a tight fit. But it fits. And that's all that matters. The BendPak single post lift is space saving car storage lift that boasts a stout column on one side that is capable of supporting cars of up to 6,000 lbs. The benefit of going with this design is it eliminates those pesky extra posts that you find on most car lifts. If you have multiple cars and limited garage space, this model is a great option for you. And it will help clean up the clutter of posts that get in the way in the middle of your garage from all those other lift options. This hoist give you the freedom to move about freely in your garage, plus you won't have to worry about walking into a steel column every time you turn around.

Tony Marra


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