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  • Ranger R980AT Tire Machine 102530

    Ranger R980AT Tire Machine 102530

    "Yes, I'm writing to tell you how much I love our new tire changer. But that's not all. I also loved the price and your service at ASE. Thank you and we will buy again soon for sure."
    Robert Belli
    Metro Transmission & Automotive
    Bensenville, IL

    It's a common dilemma. Do you go with a cheap, no-name brand, and save a few bucks, or do you go with a brand name that is well known, but still fairly affordable, or, do you go with an expensive, high-end tire machine that will take years to pay off? Most of our customers choose the middle. Ranger, (a division of Bend Pak) manufactures a full compliment of tire changers for professional auto shops. With full features and premium quality components that will hold up to every day use. You don't have to spend a fortune to get a dependable wheel service machine. Don't short change your mechanics. Give them the reliable tools they need to get the job done, at a reasonable price.

    Robert Belli - Metro Transmission & Automotive

  • Tube Bender

    Tube Bender

    "I purchased a BendPak exhaust tube bender from you guys several years ago for one of my two locations in Nassau on Mackey st. Just recently, I purchased another for my other location on Robinson Rd. I've been in business for many years and has a strong following on the island. When it comes to shop equipment, you guys treat me right."

    We’ve shown you our various customer locations from all over globe. But one location that we seem to get a lot of customers is the beautiful islands of the Bahamas in the Caribbean. We’ve sold auto lifts and other products to many customers from the many islands of the Bahamas, such as Freeport, but the most popular destination is the island of Nassau. If you are a citizen in Nassau, then stop by Muffler World, owned by Mike Pinder. We were luck enough to get a chance to say hello to him recently. His shops have numerous bays all decked out with the latest equipment. We recommend you check him out if you're ever on the island.

    Mike Pinder - Muffler World, Nassua, Bahamas

  • Ranger Tire Changer Wheel Balancer Combo 102156

    Ranger Tire Changer Wheel Balancer Combo 102156

    "Hi Guys. I received my equipment on Friday. On that note I was very impressed with them and got them hooked up and immediately tried them out and am very happy with both of machines! I've attached a picture of them in my garage. I'm very much looking forward to using it more and all its awesome features!
    - Kevin Laskowski
    Tonawanda, NY

    This customer purchased the Ranger R980AT tire changer paired up with the DST2420 wheel balancer, also made by Ranger. This is one of our most popular combo packages. Many times, we offer significant discounts when you purchase multiple items together. Our tire changer / wheel balancing machine combos are a great example. They offer auto shop owners to enjoy discount prices on some of their most popular products. Contact us to see if we can offer you any discounts.

    Kevin Laskowski -

  • BendPak LS7580V Air Compressor West Ark Electric

    BendPak LS7580V Air Compressor West Ark Electric

    "I have purchased numerous items from ASE recently for our garage, including the 7.5 HP compressor by BendPak. So far it works great and really provides plenty of air for anything I need. I'm glad I found you."
    - Tyler Luper
    West Ark Electric
    Springdale, AR

    The BendPak Line of air compressors is capable of supplying adequate cfm for the typical professional auto shop or commercial garage. With the 3 cylinder design, it provides more air with less noise, so you can hear yourself think. The most common complaint from shop owners and technicians is that they don't want a loud compressor. By creating a compressor with this 3 cylinder motor, it runs at significantly lower RPM's than a typical model, meaning greater air output, less heat, which also means less moisture building up in the tank, which means less moisture getting into your air tools as well. There are so many reasons why the TriMax line by BendPak is so superior. BendPak hit the ball out of the park with this one. Great price, low RMP's, high CFM air output, low decibel level, and greater longevity.

    Tyler Luper - West Ark Electric

  • BendPak Automotive Exhaust Pipe Bender 93844

    BendPak Automotive Exhaust Pipe Bender 93844

    "Bender showed up Friday late I picked it up Sunday morning. Was concerned due to package damage, but all was OK inside. Set it up and works great! Already put it to work on a bunch of projects we've been waiting on, so we're extremely pleased with the product."
    John Souza
    S&S Automotive
    Culpepper, VA

    BendPak manufactures a wide selection of exhaust pipe bending machines for cars and light truck applications. They provide you the capability to bend pipe up to 2.5" with the standard die set that comes with the machine, and with the optional 3 inch die package, you'll be able to handle bending up to 3 inch exhaust tube. You can get just a basic, no frills model, all the way up to a fully automatic system with card system and much more. Plus the 5 /2 /1 warranty provides you with peace of mind that, if in the unlikely event there is a problem, we will take care of it for you.

    John Souza - S&S Automotive

  • Tire Changer

    Tire Changer

    "Check out the picture of our new Ranger R30XLT tire machine. This machine is great and handles anything I throw at it. Thanks for everything."

    Our most popular tire changers are from Ranger. They are a great blend of quality and affordability. This model R-30XLT is one of our biggest sellers. Check out why - It will handle rim diameters from a wide range of 10" all the way up to 30". How many other tire machines can do that? It's got the Ranger jet blast system, guaranteed to seat the bead on any tire that can fit on it's turn table. You'll never need a separate Cheetah valve tank again. It's got a stout power assist arm to aid in changing even the most stubborn low profile tires around. And with it's hefty 2 horse power motor, you don't have to worry about over-taxing it. It can handle even the toughest jobs.

    Lambert McKenzie - Lam's Auto Repair, Tampa, FL

  • Stevenson's HyRail Services

    Stevenson's HyRail Services

    "My new lift and Ranger wheel balancer are now in service! Thanks for the great equipment and even better service."

    Our Ranger wheel balancers are perfect for start-ups, busy auto shops, and high volume tire shops. Ranger offers a variety of spin balancers capable of standard automotive and light trucks, as well as heavy truck wheels as well. They've got a model to suit any need. Parts are always available, and with one year of on-site service as part of the standard warranty, there's no reason not to go with one. Our customers rave about them and their prices are very reasonable for such a feature packed machine.

    Gerald Stevenson - Stevenson's HyRail Services, Douglas, WY

  • Auto Dolly for Helicopter

    Auto Dolly for Helicopter

    "The Auto Dolly isn't just for cars! Most of the Helicopters I work with are salvaged so this set of wheels are perfect for moving them around. Check out the attached pic. This is obviously a high quality product. I appreciate your assistance. Thank you ASE."

    OK, so anybody can use our popular Auto Dollies brand wheel dollies / carts for automobiles. But don't limit yourself. You can do so much more. As you can see from this happy customer's picture, these sturdy wheel dollies are capable of handling loads much greater than your traditional wheel carts. They're made from 1/4" steel, right here in the good old USA, and if you get the heavy duty caster upgrade, you'll be capable of easily rolling around vehicles of up to 10,000 lbs.

    Paul Reid - Rotormate

  • Van Alst Motorsports

    Van Alst Motorsports

    "We really like the jack."

    Hey, if people who race rely on our aluminum race jacks by Ranger, then you know they must be good. You can't afford to take the cheap way out in the racing environment. So when you look around and find all those cheap, inferior models out there, remember that you get what you pay for. When you purchase any hydraulic jack from Automotive Service Equipment, you can be confident that you bought a product that is suitable for professional use. We require that of any product we carry. We also require that they are re-buildable and any manufacturer we carry must be able to supply parts. We've noticed that many of those cheaper aluminum jacks don't hold up very well over time and are basically "throw-aways". You just can't get parts for them. That's why it pays to stick with a name brand you can trust. And it pays to stick with ASEDeals.

    Greg Van Alst - Van Alst Motorsports

  • Auto Dolly

    Auto Dolly

    "I have received the 12 inch Auto Dollies and like them so much that I have placed an order for another set."

    The original Auto Dolly. The original, and still the best. Many companies try to imitate them, but few can match them. Made by Merrick Machine company out of Nebraska. It's good to see some things are still made in the USA. It's getting more and more difficult to find things that are made in America anymore. And as with most automotive equipment made in USA, they don't disappoint. They are made with the highest quality components, including 1/4 inch thick steel plate, with a premium quality finish. And when you upgrade to the heavy duty caster wheels, you get a rugged and durable wheel dolly that can handle loads of up to 10,000 pounds. And because the heavy duty caster upgrade has ball bearings integrated into the axles, they roll with ease across your garage floor. No need to call 3 friends to help you push your car like with those cheaper automotive wheel dollies. You'll be able to roll it all by yourself.

    Jim Struve - Des Moines, IA

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TP9KF Two Post Lift 91655

"Let me just say that I was totally happy after I set up my lift. It's perfect. It is better than I ever expected. Thank you."
- Noe Ramirez
Kingsville, TX

While this customer purchase this car hoist for his personal use in his home garage, we get many commercial auto shop owners who purchase this particular model because of it's durability and quality. The Workhorse two post lifts are surprisingly affordable for such a high quality lift. With features that you'll find on much more expensive car lifts out there. We've sold them for over ten years now to individuals for their own personal use, all the way up to full service automotive shops that use it day in, day out, every day, all day. And don't worry, parts are always available. We won't leave you high and dry, like so many other tool distributors do. Sure, you can find less expensive 2 post lifts out there. That's not what we're all about. We're here to make you happy - even after the purchase.

Noe Ramirez
Kingsville, TX


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