Thermal Dynamics Plasma Cutter CM82

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CUTMASTER® 82 Plasma System

When you want power, this is the cutter to get. It Comes with the revolutionary 1 Torch system, easy-to-use ATC (Advanced Torch Connector), plus it includes a quick disconnect. Perfect for auto frame repair and auto body work, and metal fabrication professionals.
80 amp SL60 torch with 75 degree head and 20 ft. leads.


Thermal Dynamics Cutmaster Plasma Cutters

Automotive shops that handle frame repairs and body work love this piece of equipment. So do muffler shops. But don't stop there. Any professional technician that needs to cut metals up to a maximum of a whopping 1.5".  This powerful plasma cutter features the latest state-of-the-art inverter technology, which gives you superior cutting performance and increases cutting cycle compared with more out-dated transformer technology. Its pilot arc / drag torch system allows you to easily cut through rusted, painted or coated surfaces without any prior surface preparation. Plus you can even grate chain link fence or perforated steel surfaces without needing to restart the torch.
Plus, it's made by Thermal Dynamics - the best name in the business. The've been manufacturing welding and cutting equipment for decades under the brand names Thermadyne, Thermal Arc, Victor Stoody and Firepower and Tweeco.

The Cutmaster 82 weighs in at a mere 43 lbs (19.5 kg) while still offering superior cutting power. Don't let the size of this unit fool you, it's more than capable of cutting 3/4" (20 mm) with a maximum capability of 1 1/2" (40 mm). This unit, like all other TRUE, Cutmasters, is equipped with the 1Torch®.

Features and Specs


  • Optional ATC Lead Extensions give flexibility and versatility and make it easy and efficient to add (to a total maximum of 100 ft. / 30.5m) or subtract lead length according to your job requirements. Feature is also useful for cutting expanded metal or in any application where automatic pilot restart is desirable. In this mode, operator has continuous operation without having to re-trigger the torch switch. 
  • 1Series start technology eliminates electronic interference that can occur with other designs.
  • Strong pilot arc penetrates rust and paint and offers the ability to cut expanded metal quickly and easily. 
  • Built for hard outdoor use as a portable plasma cutter with innovative case design that is the result of extensive stress testing and field evaluations. The wraparound roll bar protects the case from damage resulting from shocks and collisions. Its new powder coat finish provides a harder, more resistant surface for protection against scratches & marks.


Cut Capacity Max Output Input Duty Cycle Dimensions Air Requirements Cutting Speed
Mild Steel 
Max - 1+1/2"

20-80 Amps

208/230V 1 Ph 40%
@ 80 Amps

@ 45 Amps
Height: 15"
Width: 12"
Length: 24"
Weight 43 lbs.
70 PSI
5.8 CFM
1" / 5 IPM
3/4" / 10 IPM
1/2" / 18 IPM
1/4" / 200 IPM
16 ga / 350 IPM


Front Panel LEDs indicate status conditions for maximum efficiency.
Storage compartment for convenient access to spare parts and consumables.
Versatile 1Torch with ATC disconnect makes it easy to add lead extensions or convert to a machine torch.
True Guard roll bar provides easy transportation and protection for unmatched durability.
Multi-voltage allows operation from 208 to 480 Volts in a single power supply.
Auto Pilot Restart feature instantly reignites the pilot arc while cutting expanded metals.
Lighter weight design for maximum portability