What Makes Ranger NexGen Tire Changers Superior?

Ranger Tire Changer - Turntable
NextGen tire changers include electric turntable drives that are high torque, with more power than most and faster speeds and reversable, so you can remove tires quicker and easier.

Ranger Tire Changer - Turntable
The NextGen tire changer's specially designed and shaped tabletop allows for easier lubrication and also provides easier access to the underside of the table for inspections at maintenance.

Ranger Tire Changer - Electric Motor

A powerful 2 HP motor is at the heart of all Ranger tire changers. Most machines only come with a 1.5 HP motor, or sometimes even less. Copper rotors and premium ball bearings provide for more reliability. Insulated with thermal epoxy for heat dissipation. Frame consists of rolled steel for rugged durability and less flex. Drive belt is specially engineered to be convex so as to reduce wear and cords are protected with a sheath that is resistant to wear, oils and solvents, and abrasion.

Ranger Tire Changer Flywheel
Flywheel is balanced ensuring that this tire changing machine will run smoothly for years with less vibration, which means you won't have to repair or replace it as soon as others. 

Ranger Tire Machine Gearbox
All tire changers are built standard with a maintenance free gearbox that dissipates heat better than most machines due to the large grease and oil reservior all to provide for greater longevity.

 Ranger Tire Changer - Pneumatic Accelerator
A pneumatic accelerator is added to all Ranger tire changers to allow for speedy bead breaking in both directions.

 Ranger Tire Changer - Bead Breaker
The NexGen tyre changers feature a multiple axis bead breaking blade that is also adjustable, so it can be set at numerous angles to be able to handle a wide variety of wheel sizes.

Ranger Tire Changer - Bead Seater
The innovative TurboBlast™ system for seating tire beads is probably the most effective system found on any tire machine on the market. Shoots a rapid blast of air that mechanic can set at any desired angle   bead seating system on your new NextGen™ tire changer is capable of blasting a powerful air burst between the tire and rim to help seat stubborn beads fast. 

 Ranger Tire Changer - Jet Blast Nozzle
The Ranger TurboBlast system has a discharge hose that is nylong to prevent damaging expensive rims and has a tab that grabs the rim to prevent slippage and aid in control when blasting the air into the tire and wheel.

 Ranger Tyre Machine cabinet
The NextGen tire machine arm that breaks the bead is comprised of durable box frame construction that creates rigidity and strength and reduces that chance for flex, bending or warpage. Soap bucket with brush and all other standard accessories are included. 

Ranger Tire Machine Bead Breaker
Tire Changer Bead breaker axle will not fail due to flex or breakage due to it's large double flanged construction.  Expect years of reliable service.

Ranger Tire Machine Bead Breaker Cylinder
All Ranger tire changer components are premium quality with no shortcuts. The cylinder for the bead breaker is stainless steel assuring that corrosion won't be a problem. 

Ranger Tire Changer Pneumatic Control Valves
All pneumatic control valves are fabricated with precision machined and die cast bodies of aluminum and zinc and are industrial quality to reduce the possibility of failure.

 Ranger Tire Changer - Control Valves
Most importantly, the pneumatic control valves are rebuildable and contain are fitted with the finest grade polyurethane seals and self lubricating piston guides that are made of Teflon. This attention to dtail assures you that your Ranger tire changer will provide years of dependable service.

 Ranger Tire Changer Valve Plungers
 The extrication ports on the valve plungers are muffled so that every time the valve releases, any dirt or debris automatically gets blown away.  

 Ranger Tire Changer - Foot Pedals

NextGen tire changers feature foot pedals that are crafted with forged steel instead of cast steel or aluminum so they will hold up to the daily use of a high volume tire shop. They contain a return spring that compels the pedal to returm smoothly, reliably and with control. All controls are positioned up front for ease of access and to allow for speedy technician work.   

 Ranger Tire Machine - Foot Pedal Valves
The NextGen tyre machine foot pedals feature control valves with multiple link rod connections so plungers will function smoothly without binding and are controled with precision.

Ranger Tire Changer  - Control Valves
All Ranger NextGen tire changers electrical connections, leads switches, motors and vital components are seals air tight to protect them from dust, debris, and contaminants. All air lines , valves and hoses are suitable for high pressure service and are resistant to wear and abrasion and leakage. This is where most inferior machines have their first problem.     

 Ranger Tire Changer Baffles
Internal baffles and a constant seating stress flange gasket  assure positive, leak-free venting on every NextGen tire machines. The rugged gearbox enclosure is precision milled for precise alignment of horizontal and vertical bases and features precision helical gears that operate much more smoothly and quietly than  typical spur gear transmissions.

 Ranger Tire Changer - Worm Gears
High-strength, oversized worm and worm gears are straddle mounted between heavy-duty tapered roller bearings providing rugged dependability for your NextGen tire changer.

 Ranger Tire Changing Machine Housing
The rugged NextGen housing provides maximum strength for extreme durability under hard working conditions and greater precision under load during worm and gear alignment.

 Ranger Tire Changer - Rim Guard - Table Clamps
Ranger NextGen tire changer features hardened alloy steel wheel clamps that are easily and quickly replaceable.  

Ranger Tire Changer - Drop Center Tool
R23AT, R26AT, R26DT, R80DTXF and RX3040 NextGen tire machines include the power assist arm assembly with innovative drop center tool that allows you to handle thick wall tires or tough low profile tires without fear of damaging them.  

Ranger Tire Changer - Assist Tower
R23AT, R26AT, R80DTXF and R26DT NextGen tire changers include a mounting helper tower with three flanges and a cast iron frame and maintenance free bearings along with braided steel conduit to protect all the hoses and electric lines from wear or abrasion .

Ranger Tire Changer Lifting Disc
R23AT, R26AT, and R26DT NextGen tire changer models feature a single lower bead lifting disc that can be used to unseat stubborn lower beads or to elevate tires for tool placement.

Ranger Tire Changer - Tire Iron Slot
The power assist tower features a slot for the tire iron allowing the mechanic to apply additional leverage if needed for the most difficult thick walled tires.
Ranger Tire Changer - Air Pressure Dump
All controls are located up front so as to allow for easy access and speed up the technician's productivity. Tire inflation pedal makes inflation easy and hose includes a quick chuck that stays on so technician can keep hands free for other functions. Mounting helper arm articulates for various wheel and tire dimensional configurations.   

Ranger Tire Changer - Nylon Wheel Restraint

Wheel restraint device assures wheel stays put during inflation process and and device has nylon protection to prevent wheel damage on those expensive rims.

Ranger Tire Machine - Tilt Tower
Tilt back tower tire changer models give the user easier access to the wheel for all functions. This is a desirable feature that works well with the pneumatic locking tool.  
Ranger Tire Changer - Aluminum Pneumatic Cylinders
Air cylinders under turntable are composed of stainless steel and aluminum and reduce frequency of vibration extending the life of this valuable machine.

Ranger Tire Changer End Of Stroke Cushions
Ranger tire changer models have pistons that feature end of stroke bumpers to protect seals and piston rods and they are permanently lubricated so they are maintenance free.  

Ranger Tire Changer - Mount and Demount Head
The mounting / demount head is crafted of a hardened alloy steel and it's innovative design means you'll be able to perform all operations without needed to reposition tool head. Tool head is fine and smooth and will glide over tire while performing all functions, ensuring once again that no damage is done to expensive wheels.  
Ranger Tire Changer - Wheel Protection Kit
Don't worry about damaging expensive wheels. This multiple piece wheel protection kit covers all working parts that touch the rim, including the wheel clamps, bead breaker and duckhead. 
Ranger Tyre Machine Tire Iron
All standard accessories and tools are included, as well as a hardended steel tire iron.

Ranger Tire Changer - Spring Assist Hex Tool

Tool shaft is fabricated out of heavy duty 45 millimeter steel and support arm on the outrigger is hardened steel. They combine to maintain stable precise position for mounting and dismounting operations. All bearings are maintenance free and the lower roller guide is hardened as well for controlled and smooth functionality.                
Ranger Tire Changer Rubber Bump Stops
Rubber bumpers prevent shock damage and wear to machine  when the tower tilts back on tilt tower models.
Ranger Tire Machines - Surge Tank
Large 8 gallon jet blast tank is larger than most tire machines, which is typically only 5 gallons. Combine that with the large diameter feeder hose and nozzle, and you will be able to seat the bead of any tire / wheel combo you place on the turntable. 
Ranger Tire Changer - Tool Storage
Storage for accessories or hand tools  keeps your work area clear of objects that get in the way and keeps them nearby where you need them.
Optional Accessories -

Ranger Tire Changer - Reduction Clamps
Optional reduction clamps reduce the wheel clamping capacity 4” and are perfect for smaller diameter motorcycle and ATV wheels and tires. NextGen motorcycle clamps are constructed out of heavy steel, feature an anodized finish and a quick-release, spring-loaded locking pin that keeps clamps secured safely to the changer's table. Comes in a set of four. 

 Ranger Tire Changer - Motorcycle Clamps
Optional motorcycle turntable clamps add a whole extra level of versatility to your NextGen tire changer. Expand your capabilities, clientele and your bottom line. Heavy steel construction, anodized finish and quick-release, spring-loaded locking pin keeps clamps secured safely to table. Comes in a set of four

Ranger Tyre Changer - Plastic Demaount Head
Optional plastic mount-demount head helps protect expensive alloy wheels from marring or damage during tyre changing operations

Ranger Tire Machine - Quick Change Kit

Optional quick-change kit speeds up mount-demount tool head changes on your NextGen tire changer

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