BendPak is highly respected in the car hoist industry. Thanks to more than 50 years in the automotive equipment business, they know more about tube benders, jacks and air compressors better than anybody else. And they have the most reliable and widest variety of vehicle lifts - 2-post, 4-post, alignment, portable, parking and scissor lifts as well.

One reason Bendpak is so well known is that they pay strict attention to every detail when it comes to product design, manufacturing, testing and support. Their manufacturing facilities are all ISO-9001 compliant. And they incorporate customer driven features into each product. From rugged testing and quality control to computerized flame cutters, punching and cutting units, multi-axis machining centers, certified welders and accomplished engineers, Bendpack is one of the finest auto repair equipment manufacturers. And ASEDeals offers the best selection of their products for less. We have been one of the largest authurized BendPak distributors for over 20 years. And as one of the largest dealers, we can offer some of the lowest prices.

And don't forget, we sell, service and install nationwide!

Contact us today for our absolute best deals.

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  • BendPak Anti-Vibration Pads

    BendPak Anti-Vibration Pads 5179402

    Vibration is an air compressor's worst enemy. It can cause all kinds of mechanical issues over time. That's why most auto shop air compressor manufacturers recommend mounting it using anti vibration ...



  • BendPak Approach Ramp Lock Kit

    BendPak Four Post Lift Approach Ramp Lock Kit

    BendPak 4 Post Approach Ramp Lock Kit (Set of 4) For use with HD-9 and HD-7 Series Lifts with standard steel Approach Ramps



  • BendPak Drip Trays

    BendPak Drip Trays 5700301

    A light-weight, cost-effective solution to drips, these drip trays will catch harmful fluids and keep them in one place to protect your vehicles and garage flooring. Sold in sets of two. Price shown is ...



  • BendPak Offset Adapters

    BendPak Offset Adapters for 2-Post Car Lifts | 5600531

    BendPak Two Post Lift Offset Adapter Kit / Part 5600531 When do you need this kit? In most situations you won't. But the lift adapters do allow for easy and quick adjusting of the frame contact saddle ...



  • BendPak 5179401 Moisture Minder Install Kit

    BendPak Moisture Minder Installation Kit 5179401

    Mount your Moisture Minder® quickly and properly using the handy installation kit. Price shown is when purchased with air compressor.  If purchasing separately call for pricing.



  • BendPak Rubbler Slip-Over Pads

    BendPak Tuf Pads Round 5715017

    Designed specifically for your BendPak 2 post lift. These round rubber slip on lift pads are perfect for grabbing onto the automobile frame. The surface has a texture to aid in ...



  • BendPak Rubber Slip Over Pads Square

    BendPak Rubber Slip-Over Pads Square 5715365

    These car lift rubber pads are designed specifically for your BendPak two post lift. These square rubber slip on pads are ideal for grabbing onto the automobile frame. The ...



  • Adjustable Limit Microswitch Kit

    BendPak 5210235 Adjustable Limit Microswitch Kit

    BendPak 5210235 Adjustable Limit Microswitch Kit Option for HD Series Four Post Lifts Price when purchased with lift. Contact us for pricing when shipping separately

  • BendPak Moisture Minder Part 5179400

    BendPak Moisture Minder 5179400

    Moisture Minder® timed drain valve with ball valve and strainer—the new standard for solenoid drains Price shown is when purchased with air compressor.  If purchasing separately ...



  • 5.5" Inch Two Post Lift Adapter Kit

    BendPak Two Post Lift 5.5" Adapter Kit | 5215759

    BendPak Two Post Lift 5.5" Adapter / Extension Kit Accessory (Set of 4) This adapter set (Part# 5215759) allows you the ability to get at frame jacking points that may be even further out of reach that ...



  • BendPak Sliding Jack JP-3

    BendPak JP-3 Fixed Sliding Jack Tray | 5175800

    BendPak JP-3 Fixed Sliding Jack Tray | 5175800  This convenient sliding jack plate is capable of lifting 3,000 lbs. Designed specifically for use with four-post style runway lifts, lube racks and ...



  • BendPak Steel Lift Pads

    BendPak Steel Lift Pads 5300869

    BendPak Steel Lift Pads 5300869 | For Two Post Lifts  Designed for use in high volume auto shops that are frequently loading and unloading automobiles, this 4 pack of lift pads ...



  • BendPak Compressed Air Bottle

    BendPak Air Bottle 5215306

    No need for an air compressor. BendPak's Compressed Air storage bottle allows you to easily release all your car lift's safety locks all together at once with a solution that fits right under ...



  • BendPak RFJ-3TP Professional Floor Jack

    Ranger Garage Floor Jack Professional Series 3-Ton RFJ-3TP

    Ranger RFJ-3TP 3-Ton Professional Series Garage Floor Jack 3 Ton capacity floor jack is a professional grade garage jack suitable for use in the auto shop or home garage.



  • BendPak Frame Cradle Pad Set

    BendPak Frame Cradle Pads 5215761

    BendPak Frame Cradle Pad 5215761| Two Post Lift  If you've got a heavy vehicle to lift, especially a truck, then you're going to want a set of these BendPak Frame Cradle Pads. Sturdy steel ...



  • Two Post Lift Frame Cradle Pad 5215702

    BendPak Frame Cradle Pad 5215761

    BendPak Frame Cradle Pads Item 5215761  **NEW** If you've got a heavy vehicle to lift, especially a truck, then you're going to want a set of these BendPak Frame Cradle Pads. Sturdy steel ...



    Out of stock

  • BendPak Screw Pads Adjustable Lift Pads

    BendPak Adjustable Screw Lift Pads 5215508

    These adjustable car lift pads feature a screw mechanism to provide an additional 3" of lifting height with infinite adjustability. Compatible with any 9,000 and 10,000-lb. BendPak two-post lifts. ...



  • Integrated Airline Kit | AK-14

    BendPak 5174008 Airline Kit | XR Series Scissors Lifts

    BendPak Airline Kit for XR Series Scissors Lifts | 5174008 The AK-14 Air Line Kit frees up the space in between the runways on your BendPak 4 post lift by integrating the air lines into the structure of ...



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BendPak Lifts - Made to Last

BendPak is the premier name in the automotive lift and garage equipment industry. They have been manufacturing car hoists of all kinds for over 4 decades. And we have been one of their top authorized distributors for over 2 decades. We are also one of the largest BendPak dealers nationwide. They know lifts better than anybody. We've got the lowest BendPak lift prices, and many models are currently on sale. We've probably got the widest selection you've ever seen. Check them out below -

2-Post BendPak Lifts are chosen most often by body shops, dealerships and garages. Besides offering a wide range of lifting capacities and types, it’s BendPak's award-winning design that places them in a category all their own. Choose from 2 post models ranging from 9,000 to 18,000 LB capacity.

4-Post Lifts and Truck Lifts are packed with the features that both an automotive professional and DIY enthusiast values the most. Making them the perfect choice for home garage parking, car ports and professional shops. Choose from 4-post lifts ranging from 7,000 all the way up to 40,000 LB capacity.

Parking Lifts are for doubling or tripling your parking space. No matter if you're interested in stowing away vehicles or accommodating short-term parking, our BendPak car lifts will bring you the small footprint you need. Choose from tilt platform, boat and trailer storage, single, 2-post and 4-post triple stackers.

Alignment Racks are for generating greater profitability for your shop. Choose from a standard 4-post, extra-long, open front or scissor BendPak alignment lift for your task.

4 Post Air Bridge Jacks are for helping you get the most out of your 4-post Bendpak auto lift and get wheels off the runway.

Specialized Hoists are designed to make any job go smoother, especially brake and body service. Our low-rise lifts also come in scissors-style; our mid-rise lift is portable; and our full-rise lifts must be boted down to concrete and allow full access to the bottom of a vehicle.

Heavy-Duty Truck Lifts are made to serve as portable column lifts that can be used in either sets of six or four.

Most BendPak lifts are tested and certified by ALI and ETL. Whether you purchase a BendPak lift or not, you owe it to yourself to make sure it is ALI- and ETL-Certified. Great warranties are also offered by BendPak. For 2- and 4-post lifts, you're covered five years on the structure, two years on the power unit, and one year for on site service. While other BendPak warranties vary, you can count on being covered on labor for at least one year.

When you purchase from Automotive Service Equipment, you are purchasing from one of the largest and most reputable dealers in the industry. And you know you're going to get the best sale price. 
Sales tax applies to all BendPak orders shipped to CA, CT

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