Video: ESCO automotive equipment and jacks with at SEMA 2016

We were able to check out the ESCO booth at the 2016 SEMA show in Las Vegas, NV. We have been carrying their automotive floor jacks, air jacks, truck jacks, jack stands and wheel service equipment for over 15 years. Click on this video to view more about their latest new products and garage equipment. Or contact us directly at 800-229-6218 or visit our web site at

SEMA 2016 at the ESCO booth. So basically you're gonna be lifting it up with just this on there. Once you get the car lifted up put your legs on the feet. Lower it down. Jack stands on the vehicle. So if you have a vehicle that doesn't have many frames jacking points you can still raise it and then jack stand it and then remove the jack so you have access to the underside of the vehicle. Show us what else you got in your lineup here. This new line of jacks we’re releasing in 2017 first quarter. 2 ton, 3 ton. This one's neat it has a locking mechanism in it. So when the jacks up, it won’t go past that point unless you unlock it. And that's coming up soon? That should be out around February of 2017. As far as new and exciting… tire inflators, wheel chocks. How about this beautiful lift you got here. Our Astro Lift by ESCO is 7,000 lbs. capacity. It’s basically designed to bring the lift to the car, instead of the car to the lift.