Battery Testers

Our products provide the battery analysis that automotive service professionals—like you—need most. Many of our car battery testers are portable and easy-to-use, with simple operation that will walk you through various testing sequences. Some allow testing to be performed digitally from the home screen. And most are compatible with a wide-range of battery types, including Conventional, Maintenance Free, AGM, Gel Cell, Deep Cycle and Marine batteries.

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  • SOLAR Car Battery Tester

    SOLAR Car Battery Tester 1855

    Solar (brand) 1855 Battery Tester. This is the reliable carbon pile style battery load tester that has been troubleshooting batteries for decades and still is dependable as ever. Capacity to test ...


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  • Solar BA327 Battery Tester

    SOLAR BA327 Car Battery Tester

    SOLAR Model BA327 Digital Battery & System Tester with Integrated Printer New redesigned, the BA327 offers a complete testing solution for 6 and 12 Volt batteries and 12 and 24 Volt charging ...



  • SOLAR Battery Tester for Cars

    SOLAR Car Battery Tester BA7

    100-1200 CCA Electronic Battery & Automotive Charging System Tester Features an operating range of 7-15V, and the capacity to test batteries rated between 100-1200 CCA.




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Innovative Analysis with a Car Battery Tester

Solar brand automotive battery testers are perfect for both professional auto shop garages as well as the do it yourself crowd. Solar is the leader in battery and charging system technology and the products they manufacture are designed to make your mechanic more productive and efficient. There are full featured models designed for full battery and charging system testing as well as basic models for the home / hobbyist. Some solar battery testers even have a printer so you can show read-out test results to your customer so they can view the results for themselves. Reliable carbon pile battery load testers are also available for the old-school technician.

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