QuickJack Portable Car Lift

Ranger QuickJack portable car lifts have quickly become one of our most popular products. It's easy to see why. They provide race track teams, do-it-yourselfers, home hobbyists and many other auto enthusiasts the flexability and speed to get the automobile up fast, for speedy repairs and servicing. They offer a nice low profile, capable of fitting under most vehicles, as well as access to all of the vehicle components, including all 4 wheels, and the automobile undercarriage. Plus, they're manufactured by BendPak / Ranger , so you know they're safe and were made to last.

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  1. Ranger QuickJack BL-7000SLX
    Ranger QuickJack BL-7000SLX Vehicle Lift
    Ranger BL-7000SLX (110V) QuickJack Vehicle Lifting System This is Ranger's larger capacity BL-7000SLX that handles a wider variety of vehicles including light trucks and SUV's. Take advantage of the ex...
  2. QuickJack BL-5000SLX Car Lift
    Ranger QuickJack BL-5000SLX Car Lift
    The Ranger Quick Jack BL-5000SLX (110V) Lifting System Its' a 5,000-pound capacity portable car jack that can be easily transported. Use it to perform routine automobile maintenance at the tr...
  3. QuickJack BL-3500SLX Lifting System
    Ranger QuickJack BL-3500SLX Car Lift
    Ranger QuickJack BL-3500SLX Vehicle Jack System The BL-3500SLX (110V) can go anywhere and can be easily stowed in the trunk or back seat of most cars when not in use. Bring it to the track or drop it on you...
  4. Ranger QuickJack SUV and Light Truck Adapter Set | SKU 5150561
    Ranger QuickJack SUV and Light Truck Adapter Set | SKU 5150561
    Ranger QuickJack SUV and Light Truck Adapter Set | Part 5150561This adapter set increases the service capability of the QuickJack BL-5000SLX and BL-7000SLX series by providing stackable adapters that mount ...
    Guaranteed Lowest Price $250.00 Regular Price $295.00

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QuickJack Portable Car Lift QuickJack is a portable car lift system unlike any car jack you’ve ever seen. QuickJack makes vehicle maintenance on and off the track convenient and lightning fast. Unlike traditional car jacks, QuickJack lifts your vehicle 20" off the ground while you simply hold down a pendant remote control button. QuickJack is unique for a portable car lift, with two, 14-gauge steel frames that slide under each side of your vehicle. Plus, no cross beams whatsoever means you get clear undercarriage access. With QuickJack, gone are the days of bending, pumping and cranking a car jack to place a stand. What’s more, QuickJack is certified to be safer than car jacks and stands, and because it’s a portable car lift, you can collapse it and store it virtually anywhere in your garage in a matter of seconds.