ASEDeals Frequently Asked Questions

Here we address the most frequently asked questions by customers.
Also refer to our helpful Auto Lift FAQ.

  1. What are the best lifts for servicing vehicles and what are the best lifts for storing one car over another?
  2. What about unloading a large item from a freight truck upon delivery?
  3. What payment methods do you accept?
  4. What types of financing is available?
  5. What makes one tire changer better than another?
  6. Does the warranty include on-site service?
  7. What do I do in the event of freight damage?
  8. Why should I buy a BendPak lift from you?

1. What are the best lifts for servicing vehicles and for storing one car over another?

For answers to these questions, plus answers to other auto lift questions go here.

2. What about unloading a large item from a freight truck upon delivery?

The customer is ALWAYS responsible for offloading a product from the delivery truck. Our pricing structure assumes that when it arrives at your residence or business facility you have the means to offload the product from the delivery truck. If you do not have the means, many items can be delivered with a lift-gate for your convenience. This means the driver will be able to get it down off the truck for you. Though expect the freight carrier to charge additional fees for a lift-gate. Please contact us for lift gate fee pricing.

Many of our larger truck and car lifts will be too large for a lift-gate. In this case, you will need a forklift or some other piece of equipment for unloading. We can provide you with shipping weight and dimensions to help you determine what size forklift or other piece of equipment you will need. If you do not have one, or cannot rent/ borrow one, there are two options:

Option (1): Pick it up at the freight carrier's terminal near you
If you choose to pick it up at the freight carrier's local terminal, they will load the product on your trailer at no additional charge. Then when you get it back to your premises, you can un-bundle the package and unload it piece-by-piece.

Option (2): We set you up with a local installer who can receive the lift on your behalf and install it for an additional fee. Please call for details.

Your ship-to address must be accessible for a larger tractor trailer truck. Even if you believe your address is accessible, it is ultimately the driver's discretion as to whether it is passable for them.

3. What payment methods do you accept?

We accept most major credit cards: AMEX, Visa, MasterCard and Discover. We also accept wire transfers, money orders, checks by mail—and can even accommodate a check by phone. Plus, we accept PayPal and offer financing.

4. What types of financing is available?

We have two types of financing: long and short-term. Long-term financing involves the completion of a one-page application on our web site. After completing, our financing department will contact you and go over all of the options they offer. Long term financing involves either a lease-to-own deal with a $1 buyout at the end of the term (interest applies) or, for short term financing, a PayPal “Bill Me Later” option is available, (where you will have six months to pay, interest-free).

Debit card holders: we suggest that you find out your daily transaction limit. Most debit cards have a $1000 to $2000 per day or per transaction limit.

5. What makes one tire changer better than another?

High volume tire shops may want to get the latest top of the line touch-less tire machine, but most typical auto shops will be well suited to just get a solid middle of the road model. If you are a start up shop, you can get an entry level model. Where do the cheaper manufacturers cut corners in order to offer a lower priced machine? Well, first, most of the cheaper machines are manufactured in a common factory in Asia, and copy a similar design out on the market, but use inferior components. It's OK to be made in China, as long as the product is made to the manufacturer's vigorous specifications, and in their own factory. Our Ranger tire changers are made in Asia, but they are manufactured to Ranger's precise specifications, and the design is not shared with anybody else. 

Here are other components of quality that make Ranger a smart choice:

It's steel cabinet is more durable and stout providing less flex than most and its components such as the air fittings are more reliable. Its improved jet blast system is much more capable of handling any size wheel that you can throw at it. Plus, it's motor is a healthy 2 HP, whereas most tire changer motors are usually 1.5 HP or less. 

The most common repair complaint with the modern tire machine is air leaks. Ranger has included premium fittings and air lines inside the cabinet to reduce air leaks. Plus, they have now included the best jet blast system on the market, so you will be able to seat the bead of virtually any size wheel that can fit on the machine. No more cheeta assist tanks needed.

Another key shortcut that economy brands often take is the use of cast steel vs. forged steel components. Forge steel components will provide more years of trouble-free service. For instance, the Ranger foot pedals are forged steel, and will hold up much better to the abuse that technicians can dish out.

Warranty is another shortcut taken by some inferior brands. Ranger offers a one-year, onsite warranty coverage. Others only offer one year on parts, and no labor. Check out more features that make the Ranger tire changers superior.

A lower price may be tempting at first glance, but when you consider down-time, headaches and lost revenue, as well as repair costs, you'll quickly see why it might pay to spend a few extra dollars for a higher quality machine. You won’t necessarily have to move up to a premium machine. In many cases, a mid-grade level tire machine will suffice.

6. Does the warranty include on-site service?

It depends on the manufacturer and the product. Each product’s warranty is spelled out on our product pages. Some items do offer on-site service, while some do not. Many customers are self-sufficient and pretty handy with tools and can usually fix it themselves with a little phone support. For many of our premium products, the warranty does include on-site warranty service for a year.

7. What do I do in the event of freight damage?

We ask all customers to inspect the shipment thoroughly when it arrives. If it is damaged in a significant and obvious  way, we ask you to refuse it. If it appears to be OK, but the condition is questionable, for instance, the packaging has been compromised in a certain area, but otherwise appears fine, then make note of it on the shipping papers they ask you to sign. Note something to the effect of, "possible damage". This allows us to file a claim with the freight carrier later on, in the event you find hidden damage. You must notify us within 48 hours of any damage that you uncover. Likewise with any missing items.

When automotive lifts ship across the country, it is possible they may receive some minor cosmetic damage. That is why the manufacturers include touch up paint with them. If you require your lift to be in showroom condition, we can ship it by a special flatbed carrier. The flatbed shipping method is much less likely to arrive on site with damage, because it stays on the same truck the entire time it is being transported and therefore, less handling means less potential for damage. There are no additional fees when the product ships by flatbed, but it takes longer to arrive, and is less predictable when it will ship, because the warehouse must fill up a flatbed truck that is headed to your specific geographic region. Contact us for further details.

8. Why should I buy a BendPak lift from you?

Great question. Because we have been a preferred and trusted BendPak distributor for more than 19 years and can offer you the following advantages over the competition.

A) Guaranteed Lowest Prices – We monitor competitive prices and know that we usually have the lowest price available. In the unlikely event that we don’t, you can let us know where you see a price lower—and we’ll turn around and beat them. It's that simple. Our prices will not be beaten!

B) Largest BendPak Distributor -This means that you can enjoy the benefit of our size. Not only do we offer the best pricing available, but can offer you extra clout if warranty issues occur. Our influence with the manufacturer can help get your issue resolved quicker.

C) Years of Experience - Many internet companies have popped up over the past few years, claiming to have all kinds of experience, and then when you dig a little deeper, you'll find out that they've only been around for a few years. We've been carrying Bend Pak equipment for over 17 years now. When you call and speak to us, you're not getting just an order taker that knows nothing about the product. We know these products better than most. Not only will get you answers to your questions, we will make sure that you get the proper lift for your application. You'll also find that if you contact BendPak to ask them for a preferred distributor, more often than not, they will recommend ASEDeals, depending on where you are located. That is because they know and trust us.

D) Reputation – Right along with years of experience comes reputation. We encourage you to check out our reputation on all of the various car enthusiast forums, such as Garage Journal and Corvette Forum. You'll find countless, satisfied customers who praise not only our prices, but also our integrity, honesty and guidance in choosing the right product for the application. Also be sure to check out our hundreds of customer testimonials. You don't get this many testimonials unless you're treating the customer right.
Another great indicator of our reputation is our 5 star rating from Shopper Approved. This is a Google approved, third party rating agency that gathers feedback from customers who actually purchased something from us. 5 Stars is the highest rating a merchant can receive.

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HD-9 for My Mitsubishi

"Here is the winter stack on the HD-9. Mitsubishi 3000GT VR4 is a tight fit top or bottom. Should be much easier with the HD-9XW."

The Bend Pac HD-9XW is the extra high lifting model, so you can park taller automobiles under it. It is also the extra wide model, allowing you to park wider cars on top, or underneath. The extra width also allows you to adjust the runways farther apart, or closer together, to fit any car that you need to on it. You'll be able to fit everything from a Mini Cooper to a full size Hummer up top. It's easy to adjust the runways. Just take two bolts out up front, and two bolts on the other end, and then adjust the runway, and re-fasten the bolts, and you're ready to roll. Finally, the HD9XW is also the extra long model. So longer trucks will fit on it, where most lifts will not be able to. Adding all these features together means that you'll have the most versatile model on the market. Maybe that's why it's our most popular model.

Chris Moberg
Standish, ME


Shopper Award