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Besides being popular and getting your car up quickly, our aluminum floor jacks are extremely handy. They’re lightweight and durable and made to satisfy both the garage and the race-track equally. If you want quality, and the ability to get your vehicle up in a matter of a few pumps, you’ve come to the right place.
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  • Zinko Aluminum Racing Jacks

    Zinko Aluminum Racing Jack ZSJ-13A

    Aluminum Jack for Racing Cars This super low profile & extremely light weight service jack has an initial saddle height of only 2-1/8". This is the premium racing jack you've been waiting for.



  • Zinko Aluminum Service Jack ZSJ-15A3

    Zinko Aluminum Service Jack ZSJ-15A3

    Zinko Model ZSJ-15A3 1.5 Ton Aluminum Racing Jack The ZSJ-15A3 car jack has 1.5 ton capacity, made of aluminum, the ultra llight weight makes it a breeze to maneuver. This jack is a must have ...



  • AFF Aluminum Jack 3 Ton Capacity Model 210

    AFF Aluminum Jack Model 210

    American Forge & Foundry Aluminum Service Jack Model 210 3 Ton Capacity | Double Pump Design



  • AFF Aluminum Jack 2 Ton Capacity Model 208

    AFF Aluminum Jack Model 208

    American Forge & Foundry Aluminum Service Jack 2 Ton Capacity Model 208 Double pump design to get you up fast.



  • AFF Aluminum Service Jack Model 206

    AFF Aluminum Jack Model 206

    American Forge & Foundry Model 206 Aluminum Service Jack  Double Pump Design | 1.5 Ton Capacity



  • Ranger RFJ-4000AL Racing Jack

    Ranger Aluminum Racing Jack RFJ-4000AL

    Ranger RFJ-4000AL 2-Ton Aluminum Racing Jack / Quick Jack The aluminum racing jack weighs in at just 39 pounds but brings hefty performance; maximum strength, lighter weight, less pumping ...



  • Ranger Aluminum Quick Jack RFJ-3000AL

    Ranger Aluminum Racing Jack 1-1/2 Ton RFJ-3000AL

    This aluminum racing jack by ranger is one of our most popular products. Why? Because it is reliable, dependable, and it gets the job done, at a very reasonable price. Yes, you will find a cheaper ...



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Lightweight Aluminum Floor Jacks, Speed Jacks, Racing Jacks

That's why people purchase an aluminum jack. They are usually less than half the weight of a standard steel jack rated at the same lifting capacity. They're light, convenient, quick and easy to use. Some of our aluminum car jacks can reach a full lifting height with just four pumps. The Ranger’s RFJ-3000 is made of the strongest aircraft alloy aluminum available and can reach a full 17 ½” lift height in just six pumps. Being low profile, the jack is also perfect for certain performance cars.  Another low profile aluminum racing jack worth mentioning is the Zinko’s ZSJ-13A, which offers an extremely low starting height of 1 ¼”.  Another one to highlight is AFF’s 2-ton jack, the 200SS, which delivers dependability and professional quality weighing only 54 lbs.

That's why the're popular with the guys on the track. They are light weight, compact, can be thrown around quickly, and they raise the car very quickly. They're also low profile, to fit under lowered cars.

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