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AFF and Hein-Werner bumper jacks are easy to sell; in fact, they practically sell themselves. Both brands can withstand any abuse you can dish out while delivering fine control when lifting or lowering a vehicle. Plus, many of the models exceed ANSI standards for performance and safety. Choose from our 2.5, 5.5 or 10-ton models below. Each raises a vehicle using the chassis or the axles.

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  • AFF 3596 Long Reach Bumper Jack

    AFF Long Reach Air Lift Bumper Jack 3596

    AFF Model 3596 Long Reach | Air Lift Jack Designed for raising heavy trucks, buses and other heavy vehicles, with a 5 1/2 Ton lift Capacity. Designed for heavy-duty low-profile vehicles that ...



  • Hein-Werner Bumper Jack for Large Vehicles

    Hein-Werner Bumper Jack 10-Ton HW93690

    HeinWerner Model HW93690 Bumper Jack 10 Ton capacity Air Operated End Lift  It's long reach gets under truck and vehicle frames and it lifts up to 10 tons at 200 psi. Assembled in USA



  • AFF Bumper Jack for Heavy Equipment

    AFF Bumper Jack 10-Ton Capacity 3598

    AFF Model 3598 Bumper Jack 10 Ton Capacity This heavy vehicle lift is designed with an extra wide stance for stability to lift the entire front or rear end of large trucks, buses, ...



  • Hein-Werner Bumper Jacks

    Hein-Werner Bumper Jack 2-1/2-Ton HW93696A

    Hein-Werner Model HW93696A 2-1/2 Ton Air Operated End Lift Lifts the front or rear end of cars, vans, and light trucks by the bumper. Assembled in USA




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Automotive and Heavy Truck Bumper Jack

Sometimes, only certain types of jacks will suffice. For lifting heavy trucks, a bumper jack is often that best choice. Powered by air, and capable of lifting heavy lodas, they are a smart, portable option when a 4 post lift is not a viable choice. Also known as air end lift jacks. As truck and heavy-duty vehicle designs change, more customers are choosing a long-reach bumper jack for greater versatility and flexibility. They come with a proven scissors-action design that can lift from as low as 6” to a height of 54 ½”. Wow.

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