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We shopped all around the world to find you the finest quality transmission jacks from the world's finest manufacturers at the lowest possible prices. You’ll notice that we have several different manufacturers in our transmission jack line up. It's because our customers demand only professional quality products.  Quality, features and price. View all your automotive and truck transmission jack choices below.
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  • Hein-Werner 1 Ton Transmission Jack

    Hein-Werner Transmission Jack Low Profile HW93718

    Hein Werner Model HW93718 Floor Style Low Profile Transmission Jack 1 ton capacity for trucks and automobiles. Wishbone frame design allows for more mobility. Assembled in USA.



  • MAHA USA MHTJ-1000 Transmission Jack

    MAHA USA MHTJ-1000 Transmission Jack

    MAHA USA MHTJ-1000 High-Rise Transmission Jack 1,000 lbs Air/Hydraulic The automotive High Rise Transmission Jack (MHTJ) is easy to maneuver and includes a nylon strap to quickly and conveniently ...



  • Omega Single Staff Telescopic Transmission Jack

    Omega Telescopic Transmission Jack 42003

    Omega 1 Ton Telescopic Transmission Jack  Omega is known for building commercial quality equipment at very reasonable prices. This 1 ton automotive transmission jack is perfect for the typical ...



  • AFF Transmission Jack 4400 lb. Capacity

    AFF Heavy-Duty Transmission Jack 3180A

    Model 3180A Extra Heavy Duty Low Profile Truck Transmission Jack This Jack is a Beast! AFF has the only heavy-duty truck transmission jack with a whopping 4,400 lb. capacity.



  • Omega Floor Style Transmission Jack

    Omega Transmission Jack Low Profile 43000

    Omega 43000 Low Profile Transmission Jack has a 1-1/2 Ton capacity. Saddle is fully adjustable and can tilt side to side / front to back to allow for precise alignment of the automobile transmission to ...



  • Omega Single Staff Telescopic Transmission Jack

    Omega Telescopic Transmission Jack 42001

    Omega 42001 Air Transmission Jack This 1 ton automotive transmission jack is perfect for the typical automotive garage. Features a single stage hydraulic ram that is chrome plated for maximum ...



  • Transmission Jack ZML-500 Zinko

    Zinko Transmission Jack ZML-500

    Zinko ZML-500 1/2 Ton Telescopic Transmission Jack Transmission removal and installation made easy with the ZML-500. Ideal for use on passenger cars, vans and light trucks.



  • AFF 3190SS Transmission Jack

    AFF Transmission Jack Air | Hydraulic 3190SS

    The AFF 3190SS  Air/Hydraulic TelescopicTransmission Jack 1/2 Ton Capacity |  Incorporates an air-operated first stage for ultimate speed with a hydraulic second stage for ...



  • AFF Transmission Jack 2200 Lb. 2195B

    AFF Transmission Jack 2200 Lb. Capacity 2195B

    AFF Transmission Jack Model 2195B This full rise model was fabricated with a 2 stage hydraulic ram for heavy duty automotive and medium dudy truck transmission applications.



  • ESCO Yellow Jackit 10812 2.2 Ton Transmission Jack

    ESCO Yellow Jackit 10812 2.2 Ton Transmission Jack

    ESCO Yellow Jackit 10812 2.2 Ton Transmission Jack | FREE SHIPPING! Designed with maximum strength steel and a hefty weight capacity of 2.2 Tons (4,400 lbs.).This product is designed for heavy duty ...



  • AFF Transmission Jack 3192B

    AFF Air Transmission Jack 3192B

    American Forge & Foundry 3192B Transmission Jack For use under full rise lift. This transmission jack can be operated with air or manually with the foot pump.



  • Jack Model 3172

    AFF Transmission Jack 2200 Lb. Capacity 3172

    American Forge & Foundry Transmission Jack Model 3172. Low Profile model for cars and trucks that are up on jack stands or low rise lifts. Saddle is fully adjustable with safety chains ...



  • AFF Transmission Jack Model 3171

    AFF Transmission Jack 3171

    American Forge & Foundry Low Profile Transmission Jack Model 3171. 1200 lb. Capacity Perfect for auto shops as well as home hobbyists looking to service a car off jack stands or a low rise car lift.



  • Ranger RTJ-1 Telescoping Transmission Jack

    Ranger Transmission Jack 1-Ton Capacity Telescoping RTJ-1

    Ranger RTJ-1 1-Ton Capacity Telescoping Transmission Jack The TransJak transmission jack has a 1-ton heavy lifting capacity and is built out of over 200 lbs. of solid, quality materials.



  • Dannmar Transmission Jack 105453 / TJ-1000 TransJack

    Dannmar Transmission Jack TJ-1000

    Dannmar 2 Stage TransJack 105453 Built to fulfill a wide range of transmission service needs, this trans-jack is equipped with a fully adjustable saddle, an alloy-plated single stage ram, and an ...



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Telescoping Transmission Jacks, Low Profile Transmission Jack

 If you need an automotive transmission jack, you came to the right place. We've got a huge selection of heavy duty transmission jacks, telescoping air transmission jacks for under-hoist work, as well as hydraulic low profile models for working under jacks and jack stands.

We carry many of today's top names in hydraulic equipment, including Ranger, Omega, Hein Werner, Zinko, and more.

Omega’s telescoping transmission jack comes with an adjustable ratchet saddle for quick adjustments and an extra-wide base that lowers center of gravity and promotes stability. It also offers two-stage chrome-plated rams for maximum reach and a foot pedal for easier operation. Before you buy, compare this jack to Ranger’s telescoping transmission jack that comes with a foot-operated pump, an alloy plated ram, two stage design and also an extra wide base.

Check them all out right here at, and when you have a question, just give us a call. We'll take good care of you.


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