JohnDow Big Mouth Transmission Drain Pan JD-2436

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JohnDow Big Mouth Transmission Drain Pan Model JD-2436, Designed for use with large transmissions drain pans


Model JD-2436 Big Mouth Drain Pan by John Dow.
Have you ever raised a vehicle up on a car lift and rolled your under-hoist oil drain under it and then dropped the transmission pan, and had the fluid leak all over the place? You're not alone. Most of our customers have had the same thing happen to them. What to do? Until now, you had to improvise. Maybe use cardboard or aluminum foil or fashion some kind of plastic extension to your oil drain's funnel. Now you can just place this big mouth drain pan in the existing standard funnel of your oil drain. It will fit right in there. It covers a very large area and eliminates those annoying spills that always occur when you try to make due without it. Grooves along with the slight pitch will cause all the fluid to work it's way down to the drain pipe and then gravity will do the rest. Pan is resistant to impact and will hold up surprisingly well in a busy auto shop.

  • For long pan transmissions
  • High-impact poyethylene
  • Adapts to any drain with 6" or larger diameter funnel

Features and Specs

SPECIFICATIONS - Model JD-2436 Drain Pan

Dimensions: L 38" x W 24" x H 7"

Weight: 7 Lbs.