JohnDow Fluid Evacuator | Oil Drain 20 Gallon JDI-20COMBO

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JohnDow Model JDI-20COMBO 20 Gallon Fluid Evacuator | Oil Drain
This is literally the only oil drain or fuid evacuator you will ever need. It's basically two drains in one.
Why? Because it allows you to drain the oil into it the old fashioned way - gravity draining into the funnel. Or, if you prefer, use one of the dipstick probes to suck the oil out through the dip stick tube. How easy is that?


JohnDow Model JDI-20COMBO Oil drain tank

This well made unit has all the features you need. has a durable 20 gallon steel storage tank with a 10 foot evacuation hose when you want to drain the waste oil out of it. It rolls easily around your garage floor due to it's two 6 inch fixed wheels along with 2 4 inch front swivel caster wheels. This allows it to not only roll around easier, but allows to be more stable and maneuverable. It also features a sight glass tube to confirm the fluid level quickly. numerous suction probes of varying sizes are included, along with a storage tube for them. The suction hose has a hose guard to protect it from damage and the unit as a whole is surprisingly compact, so it take up less garage space. Most units of this type feature anly a plastic funnel, but not with John Dow. This model has a durable steel funnel to hold up to abuse. The funnel has a mesh screen to prevent dirt, debris, or even the occasional drain plug bolt from dropping into the storage tank. The funnel height can be adjusted and includes a locking mechanism to prevent it from working it's way down over time when you're servicing automobiles. The handle is chrome so go ahead and position this unit easily without fear of dirt, grease or corrision getting to it. The oil discharge / evacuation hose has it's own separate shut off valve to prevent spills that may be caused by accident.

Features and Specs


  • Two drains in one
  • Drain combines the features of the JDI-25HDC with the JDI-20EV
  • Height Adjustment 50" to 70"
  • Weight 62lbs.