Impact Wrenches

No auto shop can function properly of efficiently without a good impact wrench. Any garage owner or service manager demands professional quality tools only. And our impact wrench choices from AFF are made to last. These are for the serious car mechanic who will not tolerate inferior quality. Choose from 3/8" models all the way up to heavy duty 1 inch wrenches.

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  • 7688 AFF Impact Wrench

    AFF Automotive Impact Wrench 7688

    American Forge & Foundry 7688 Super Duty Impact Wrench  1,800 ft-lbs of max torque | 1" ultra light super super duty



  • 7687 AFF Impact Wrench

    AFF Impact Wrench 7687

    American Forge & Foundry 7687 Super Duty Impact Wrench  **NEW PRODUCT** Incredible 2,200 ft-lbs of max torque plus 1" D-Handle



  • 7685 AFF Impact Wrench

    AFF Impact Wrench 7685

    American Forge & Foundry Model 7685 1" Handle Impact Wrench 1" AIR IMPACT WRENCH with 6" EXTENDED ANVIL



  • 7670 Air Impact Wrench

    AFF Impact Wrench7670

    American Forge & Foundry 7670 3/4" Air Impact Wrench 956 ft-lbs.of max torque & polished aluminum body



  • 7668 Impact Wrench

    AFF Impact Wrench 7668

    American Forge & Foundry 7668 1/2" Super Duty Air Impact Wrench   2” Extended Anvil, Light Weight, 820 ft-lbs of Max Torque



  • 7667 AFF Impact Wrench

    AFF Air Impact Wrench 7667

    American Forge & Foundry 7667 Super Duty 1/2" Air Impact Wrench  Short anvil, light weight & 820 ft-lbs of max torque



  • AFF Impact Wrench 7640

    AFF Air Impact Wrench 7640

    American Forge & Foundry Super Duty Impact Wrench 7640  **NEW PRODUCT** 3/8" Air Impact Wrench | 430 ft-lbs. of max torque



  • 7660 AFF Impact Wrench

    AFF Impact Wrench 7660

    American Forge & Foundry Model 7660 1/2" Impact Wrench 550 ft-lbs. of max torque and polished aluminum body



  • AFF 7665 Air Impact Wrench

    AFF Air Impact Wrench 7665

    AFF Model 7665 1/2" Air Impact Wrench with 2" Extended Anvil for better reach  Housing manufactured of durable steel for maximum durability and longevity.




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An automotive impact wrench is one of the most common and essential pieces of equipment in a garage. Ask any mechanic if he had to have only one tool, and many would say this product. There are many to choose from on the market today. Some are cheap and inferior, and others are high quality but expensive. We make your choices easy here at ASEdeals. We choose to carry solid, commercial quality impact wrenches by reputable manufacturers but that are reasonably priced. Don't worry - we got your back.

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