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How do you choose the best automotive parts washer for your auto shop?
There are so many great choices for shop owners today. If you’re a typical auto shop, you probably want to go with a drum-mount model. they are the most used auto parts washers for garages.  

Another option is a sink basin-style parts washer that allows you to place a part in a large capacity sink for soaking then washing.  

And finally, another option is a spray wash cabinet, which works especially well for larger parts like transmissions or engine blocks.

We have solvent based parts cleaners as well as water based (aqueous) part washer.

We carry only professional quality units, made for the serious auto shop owner. We've got what your looking for, and at the lowest possible price.
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Automotive Parts Washers, Parts Cleaners from Ranger, KleenTec, and Fountain

Have you noticed how inferior many products are these days? Many manufacturers take short cuts when engineering and fabricating their automotive parts washers. Obviously, they do this to save money. And there may be a market for an "economy" parts washer. But we don't settle for this type of equipment. We can't. Our customers want equipment that will last. Day in, day out.  

Only the finest components go into these manufacturer's parts cleaners. No flimsy thin gauge steel or inferior product finishes. No cheap pumps that won't last a year. Instead, they are built for professional use and prove it. 

We offer all the popular automotive parts cleaning styles, including solvent based, water-based or aqueous, spray wash cabinets and many others. Keeping the most modern and efficient features like filtration to keep your detergent clean and useful far beyond typical machines. It's all about stretching your available dollars out to offer you the most profit for your garage.

Think about your application then get back to us with any questions. We'll set you up with the right one for your application.

Nearly every type of unit is available -

  • Aqueous
  • Solvent
  • Spray wash cabinets
  • Brake cleaning units
  • Carburetor cleaner

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