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BendPak-Floor Plate Two Post Lift - 10637

"This is really a Great lift! It Works like a dream. Thank you for helping with the purchase. You made it so much easier, and narrowed down the options to the best choice. No Kidding."
Brian Reinard
Reinard Electric

The floor plate models are needed when you need a full rise two post lift, but you have limited ceiling height. This chain drive model has shorter columns at only 113 inches tall, so it can even fit under ceilings that are only ten feet tall. But it still provides a full 75" lifting height. Some folks may get it for the open top. It does not have the shut off bar going across the top, so if you have ultra tall sprinter vans, you don't have to worry about tripping the shut off bar before you get the vehicle up to max lift height.

Brian Reinard
Reinard Electric


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