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  • Rochester Auto Museum - 4 Post Lifts

    Rochester Auto Museum - 4 Post Lifts

    "As you can see, I have a passion for my cars. And I won't trust just anybody with them. Thanks to Brian Lockhart at ASEDeals, I have improved my storage situation at my Rochester Auto Museum. He set me up with the best BendPak lifts for my cars, and took care of the installation as well. Everything went smoothly and without a hitch. I trust Brian and Automotive Service Equipment for all of my garage equipment needs.
    Bravo Brian."
    - Bob Bartosiewicz
    Rochester, NY

    Bob is an avid car collector, and he knows a lot about classic cars. He owns a very extensive and impressive line of classic muscle cars that must be seen by anyone who appreciates the beauty of a rare classic automobile. We highly recommend car aficionados to check it out when in the area of Rochester NY.

    Bob Bartosiewicz - Rochester Auto Museum

  • Newport Car Museum 4 Post Lift

    Newport Car Museum 4 Post Lift

    Who do you call when you’re one of the hottest, most impressive new Auto Museums in the country and you need a car lift? When the Newport Car Museum needed a garage lift to service their fleet of amazing classic cars, they knew who to contact. They trusted ASEdeals due to our 5 Star reputation and 22 years of experience in supplying car collectors, auto museums, professional garages and home / hobby car buffs with the best equipment in the industry.
    We supplied them with our Tuxedo FP9KDX-XLT four post lift. And they love it. Check out what they said -

    "We use the lift every day to service our classic cars. It helps us maintain our fleet of collector automobiles. We Love it. It works great. We couldn't be happier. Thank you for providing such great service and advice."
    - Wayne Lee
    Facilities Manager - Newport Car Museum

    FYI - The Newport Car Museum was recently nominated as one of America's Top 10 Attractions by USA Today.

    Wayne Lee - Newport Car Museum

  • LAPD Drag Racing Team

    LAPD Drag Racing Team

    "The Worlds Fastest Police Car" depends on the outstanding quality Bend Pak lifts to keep our 220 Mile per hour AA/Pro Mod Z/28 Camaro in the shape it takes to keep the LAPD Racing Team in the winners circle.... Thank you to Brian from Automotive Service Equipment and asedeals.com for all the quality products you have provided for our team as well as car enthusiasts everywhere."

    We were proud to supply Tony and the team with several BendPak lifts, including a 2 post and a 4 post. Now they can service their amazing vehicle with the best equipment on the market. To out fit your garage with the finest equipment and tools, give us a call today.

    Detective Tony Foti - LAPD Drag Racing Team

  • Hemmings Classic Car Museum

    Hemmings Classic Car Museum

    "When we decided to convert a section of the Hemmings classic car museum into a functioning shop, one of first pieces of equipment on our list was a lift, and we wanted it to be reliable. BendPak lifts initially appealed to us because of the company's commercial garage experience and when Automotive Service Equipment directed us the model XP10ACX we felt we had found the right unit. Our lift was professionally installed and we were very impressed with the quality of the unit.

    We've been using the lift for a few months now and it's serving us very well, providing exactly what we've been looking for. Thank you ASEdeals.com for directing us to the perfect fit for our application.
    "Read full article at - http://www.asedeals.com/hemmings.pdf.

    When a world renowned authority on classic cars such as Hemmings Motor News chooses your product, you know it's got to be good. Kudos to Greg and all the guys at Hemmings for making such a smart choice.

    Greg Gordon - Hemmings Motor News Magazine

  • Garage 4 Post Hoist

    Garage 4 Post Hoist

    "I have attached a picture of the lift with one of my cars on it. I am sure I will love it!! Thanks again for all of your help."

    We see some very nice home / hobby garages as you can imagine. Customers send in pictures all the time. This is a very nice set up with the checkerboard flooring and walkway down the middle. The cars aren't bad either. We love these kinds of shots, but we also appreciate the simpler garages that a typical grease monkey might have with dirty concrete floors and unfinished walls. It's not necessarily about the garage anyway. It's about getting out in there and being able to service or store the cars. We all can relate to that.

    Steve Smith - Manchester, MD

  • Ranger R980AT Tire Machine 102530

    Ranger R980AT Tire Machine 102530

    "Yes, I'm writing to tell you how much I love our new tire changer. But that's not all. I also loved the price and your service at ASE. Thank you and we will buy again soon for sure."
    Robert Belli
    Metro Transmission & Automotive
    Bensenville, IL

    It's a common dilemma. Do you go with a cheap, no-name brand, and save a few bucks, or do you go with a brand name that is well known, but still fairly affordable, or, do you go with an expensive, high-end tire machine that will take years to pay off? Most of our customers choose the middle. Ranger, (a division of Bend Pak) manufactures a full compliment of tire changers for professional auto shops. With full features and premium quality components that will hold up to every day use. You don't have to spend a fortune to get a dependable wheel service machine. Don't short change your mechanics. Give them the reliable tools they need to get the job done, at a reasonable price.

    Robert Belli - Metro Transmission & Automotive

  • BendPak 2 And 4 Post Auto Lifts - Ferrari

    BendPak 2 And 4 Post Auto Lifts - Ferrari

    "It's OK to post these pictures to the website. I just wired all the lifts up this weekend and they are fully functional now. The installers you provided did a great job. The lifts are very well built and obviously made to last. You set us up right. Thanks a lot."
    John Ferrari
    Ocean City, MD

    This customer purchased 3 lifts from us for his garage, mostly for servicing his considerable fleet of automobiles and trucks. He purchased the BendPak XPR-12 FD two post lift, which is the floor plate model with an open top (12,000 lb. capacity). He also got a BendPak XPR-10A-LP 2 post lift (10,000 lb. capacity) with low profile arms to reach far under low ground clearance sports cars. This is the asymmetric hoist, with the added capability of positioning the auto symmetric if necessary. Finally, the HDS-14X four post lift, which is a 14,000 lb. capacity rack. This hoist is not only great for cars, but because it's the extra long model, it's also ideal for those super long crew cab, long bed dual rear wheel trucks, that are typically too long for all those standard length four post lifts that you'll find out there. When you need to outfit your auto shop with multiple lifts, and you need to have them installed professionally, give us a call, and we will hook you up.

    John Ferrari -

  • German Auto Service

    German Auto Service

    "When we were opening our new auto shop in Nassau, we knew who to go to. We had heard of ASEDeals reputation and decided to go with them. Our two new BendPak lifts are now installed, and we couldn't be happier. The car lifts are top notch as was the support and the salesman had vast knowledge of the products. He made the process painless. I will be contacting ASE again for more shop equipment soon".

    When the folks on the beautiful islands of the Bahamas need automotive equipment, they come to ASEDeals. We sell all kinds of equipment to shops in the Carribean. But for some reason, the Bahamas are the most prominent. Why did German Auto Service contact us? Because they heard about us from other auto shops on the island who had purchased tools and equipment from us in the past. It's true what they say. Word of mouth advertising is the best form.

    Andreas Heinzl, Nassau, Bahamas - German Auto Service

  • TJ Hunt 2 Post Auto Lift

    TJ Hunt 2 Post Auto Lift

    When popular YouTube automotive personality TJ Hunt needed an auto lift for his busy garage, he knew who to call. He contacted ASEdeals because of our reputation, pricing and ability to set him up with the best product for his application. The BendPak XPR10AS-LP two post lift.
    If you're not familiar with him, TJ is extremely popular on YouTube, Facebook, and also has a web site as well. In fact, he now has nearly a million subscribers to his YouTube channel - not too shabby!
    He and his buddies perform a lot of cool modifications to their automobiles and document it all on video and then make regular posts on YouTube showing the progress.
    The younger crowd loves this stuff, and videos are a great outlet for this type of content. That's why we also post our own informational videos regularly as well. So check out TJ and check out our channel on YouTube when you get a chance.

    TJ Hunt 2 Post Auto Lift - TJ Hunt

  • Motorcycle Lift

    Motorcycle Lift

    "The lift is here and already has had several bikes on it within the first hour. I have included two pics with my '03 Ultra on the lift. Thanks for a great product and I look forward to doing more business with you in the future."

    If you want the ultimate ATV and Motorcycle lift, you must check out the Ranger RML-1500XL. Not only does it include all of the popular accessories as standard, but it also has innovative features too, like the retractable casters so it can be rolled around, even when a bike is loaded on top of it. You can also power it by air or hydraulic pumps. Most lifts are powered by air, and that's just fine for a garage, but what if you're out doing a field repair and you don't have access to an air compressor? No need to worry with this model. simply pump the manual hydraulic pump and you're good to go!

    Spencer Olson - OD Cyles and Performance

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"Attached are several photos of my HD9XW lift in operation, for both service and for storage. You can see how it just fits into the elevated part of my garage.

Thanks for all your help, hopefully the RJ-45 jack will arrive in good working and cosmetic condition."

Another tight fit in another home garage. Look at how much a four post lift can help you gain storage space. The HD9XW is the most versatile model in the HD9 Series of lifts because it is the extra wide model, extra long, and extra high lifting as well. So if you need to park something extra high underneath, or if you need to park something extra long or extra wide on it, this is the one for you.

Steve Penn
Georgetown, TX


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