Hein Werner is known throughout the automotive equipment industry for their quality. The great thing about them is that they are still one of the few brands out there that can still claim Made in USA. They manufacture premium quality shop repair equipment such as floor jacks, engine cranes, hydraulic and air presses, engine stands, bumper jacks, air jacks and transmission jacks and many of the little various items that a fully outfitted auto garage would need to function properly. And they do so without sacrificing quality. So buy with confidence with Hein-Werner and ASEdeals.

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  • Hein-Werner HW93806 3 Ton Engine Crane

    Hein-Werner HW93806 3 Ton Engine Crane

    HeinWerner HW93806 3 Ton Heavy Duty Truck Engine Crane Comes standard with 360 degree swiveling hook for full engine or load rotation and 3 boom length settings and 3 leg extension settings. Made in USA.



  • Hein-Werner HW93402 Electric Shop Press

    Hein-Werner Electric Shop Press HW93402

    Hein-Werner model HW93402 55 Ton Electric Shop Press Assembled in USA



  • Hein-Werner HW93403 Air Shop Press

    Hein-Werner Air Shop Press HW93403

    Hein-Werner HW93403 55 Ton Air Shop Press For those situations when you need the brute strength that only a whopping 55 ton air press can offer, you cannot go wrong with Hein Werner. The USA ...



  • Hein-Werner HW93809 Engine Crane

    Hein-Werner Engine Crane HW93809

    Hein-Werner HW93809 2 Ton Foldable Engine Crane  If space is at premium in your garage this engine crane folds for easy storage. The crane features a manual hand pump for load lifting and ...



  • Hein-Werner Bumper Jack for Large Vehicles

    Hein-Werner Bumper Jack 10-Ton HW93690

    HeinWerner Model HW93690 Bumper Jack 10 Ton capacity Air Operated End Lift  It's long reach gets under truck and vehicle frames and it lifts up to 10 tons at 200 psi. Assembled in USA



  • Hein-Werner HW93662 Air Service Jack

    Hein-Werner Air Service Jack HW93662

    Hein-Werner HW93662 10 Ton Air/Manual Long Chassis Service Jack Ideal for lifting trucks, trailers and buses by axle, differential or frame. Long chassis make access easy for hard to reach points. Jack ...



  • Hein-Werner HW93301 Air Shop Press

    Hein-Werner Air Shop Press HW93301

    HeinWerner Model HW93301 Air Shop Press This 25 ton capacity auto shop press is perfect for the typical full service garage. It boasts premium quality components and engineering that you just won't find ...



  • Hein-Werner HW93660 Floor Service Jack

    Hein-Werner Manual Floor Jack HW93660

    Hein-Werner HW93660 10 Ton Long Chassis Manual Service Jack The HW93660 is ideal for lifting trucks, trailers and buses by the axle, differential or frame. Handle adjusts to three pumping positions and ...



  • Hein-Werner HW93300 Hydraulic Shop Press

    Hein-Werner Hydraulic Shop Press HW93300

    Hein-Werner Model HW93300 25 Ton Hydraulic Shop Press Assembled in USA 



  • Hein-Werner 1 Ton Transmission Jack

    Hein-Werner Transmission Jack Low Profile HW93718

    Hein Werner Model HW93718 Floor Style Low Profile Transmission Jack 1 ton capacity for trucks and automobiles. Wishbone frame design allows for more mobility. Assembled in USA.



  • HW93667 Hein-Werner Air Service Jack

    Hein-Werner Air Service Jack HW93667

    Hein-Werner Model HW93667 4 Ton Air/Manual Long Chassis Service Jack Operates manually or with air and features heavy duty frame for rugged applications. Long chassis works perfect with trucks and ...



  • Hein-Werner HW93657 Hydrualic Service Jack

    Hein-Werner Long Chassis Service Jack HW93657

    Hein-Werner HW93657 4 Ton Long Chassis Service Jack The HW93657 is a professional hydraulic service jack engineered to improve productivity in truck, bus, construction and farm equipment repair ...



  • Hein-Werner Air Jack

    Hein-Werner Air Jack 10-Ton Capacity HW93737A

    Hein Werner HW93737A 10 Ton Air Jack Comes standard with a removable handle along with 10 feet of air hose to allow you to position jack safely when operating. Also doubles as a ...



  • Hein-Werner Truck Air Jacks

    Hein-Werner Truck Air Jack 25-Ton Capacity HW93735A

    Hein-Werner HW93735A 25 Ton Axle Air Jack with 3" Extension This air Jack has an 8" lowered height that allows lifting trucks from the axle or suspension frame. Assembled in USA



  • Hein-Werner Air Hydraulic Jack

    Hein-Werner Air Hydraulic Jack 20-Ton Capacity HW93733

    Hein-Werner HW93733 20 Ton Air Hydraulic Jack One of the premier names in the indsutry. This truck jack is perfect for lifting trucks, tractors, agricultural and construction equipment by the axle, ...



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Hein-Werner is our line of Made in the U.S.A. / North America lifting equipment including service jacks, jacks stands, truck jacks, transmission jacks, engine cranes and end lifts. Hein-Werner features the very popular "true blue" 2-ton HW93642 service jack

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