BendPak Specialty Adapter Kit For RJ-45 Rolling Bridge Jack

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Center Adapter Kit rfor RJ45.
This is a 4 piece adapter kit that allows you to provide for more service capabilities of your BendPak RJ45 rolling jack. These adapters attach to the main center frame of the jack and and slide up and down the length of it, allowing you to reach vehicle frame jacking points that are more toward the center of the automobile.
Price shown is when purchased with lift.  If purchasing separately call for pricing.


Not many manufacturers offer so many solutions to problems like BendPak does. The center adapter set was designed specifically to get at those difficult to reach frame contact points on the underside of the car, specifically, those pointrs that are not out near the outer edge of the frame, but instead, those jacking points that are more toward the center of the vehicle. Also helps with extremely small or narrow vehicles, or those with difficult suspension jacking points. This kit comes complete with two low profile rubber lift pads that can slide into position as well as 2 receiving pieces that can fit the regular RJ45 stacking adapters and / or the reular lift pads.
Price posted is when purchased with Rolling Jack. Please call for pricing when purchased separately.

Features and Specs


  • Designed specifically for the BendPak RJ-45 air rolling bridge jack
  • Constructed with thick rubber pads to prorect vehicle frame.
  • Textured surface gives you extra grabbing power
  • Will not scratch or damage the underside of the car
  • Easy and quick slide on mounting
  • 5-inch diameter pad provides for maximum stability



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