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Corghi has been well known in the automotive equipment industry for over 50 years. They are among the premium brands when it comes to wheel service equipment, including tire changers, wheel balancers, and alignment machines. While their headquarters are in Italy, and their garage equipment is manufactured there, they have a growing presence in the USA. Corghi USA is based in Ohio, and boasts some of the finest product and support of any manufacturer on the market. Whether you are an independent auto shop owner, or control a fleet of vehicles for a large commercial entity, you won't find a higher quality line of machines out there. Backed up by a nationwide network of support technicians so your machine won't be down for long.

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  • Corghi AM500 ARTIGLIO 500 Tire Changer

    Corghi AM500 Leverless Tire Changer

    Corghi AM500 Artiglio 500 Fully Automatic, Leverless Tire Changer  Service & Installation Included  The Artiglio 500 is Corghi’s second generation “Leva la ...



  • Corghi AM50 Artiglio 50 Leverless Tire Changer

    Corghi AM50 Artiglio 50 Leverless Tire Changer

    Corghi AM50 Artiglio 50 Leverless, Fully Automatic Tire Changer - Service & Installation Included The Corghi Artiglio 50 represents over 50 years in the tire changer evolution. The innovative design ...



  • Corghi A9220TI-1500 Tire Changer

    Corghi Tire Changer A9220TI-1500

    Corghi A9220TI-1500 Passenger Tire Changer | PU1500 Power Assist Unit Model A9220TI-1500 features a built-in table inflator with jets in the jaws and a unique mount/demount head that does not touch the ...



  • Corghi A9220TI Tire Changer

    Corghi Tire Changer A9220TI

    Corghi A9220TI Passenger Tire Changer Heavy-duty turntable rotates forward and reverse features a stainless steel, rebuildable cylinder.



  • Corghi EM7420DD Wheel Balancer

    Corghi Electronic Wheel Balancer EM7240DD

    Corghi Model EM7240DD Electronic Wheel Balancer with Microprocessor For off-vehicle balancing of car, van and motorcycles. Version with automatic entry of wheel diameter and distance.



  • Corghi USA Service Pro 122 Tire Changer

    Corghi Tire Changer Service Pro 122

    Corghi USA Service Pro-122 Tire Changer The Service Pro Model 122 rim clamp tire machine has a manually translating swinging arm and incorporated tubeless tire inflation system .



  • Corghi 601 Wheel Tire Balancer

    Corghi Computerized Wheel Balancer Machine 601

    Corghi Model 601 Computerized Digital Wheel Tire Balancer The Corghi 601 is a full functioned computerized digital wheel balancer for light duty applications. Easy to read digital display with LED mode ...




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Dominant name in tire changing sector, worldwide. Corghi's premium quality tire changers and wheel balancers continue to lead the industry.

On May 16th, 2009 Corghi opened a new branch for the North American market in Hamilton, Ohio.

 Corghi expanded their operations into North America with a new North American headquarters in Ohio. This provides them with the capability of not only distributing, but also servicing their products nationwide across the USA. Being one of the leading names in the wheel service sector, they needed to tap into the large American market. This allows them to offer sales and tech support above most other competitors. This also provides for intimate contact with the end user, so that they can get feedback and offer better solutions. Without a physical presence, they would not be able to achieve these goals.

Corgho has operations in Europe, Asia and North America, and continues to expand to more nations each year. They maintain the quality in their construction process, which is how they are able to maintain such fierce customer loyalty.

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